Monday, 27 February 2012

A Taste of Spring

Much to my delight there have been a few magical spring taster days here this last week.

It has been wonderful to feel real heat in the sun, and to bask a while in it after the dull cold days of winter.

Logan, Bessie and I have spent the best part of the last four days in the garden, where we have not been idle. 

Well, that's not strictly true. 

Logan has been extremely idle. As has Bessie.

Both of them have found quiet spots in the sun - Bessie by the hedge (where she can also keep an eye open for the birds that are hopping around in it),  Logan near to wherever I am working.

Leaves have been cleared. 
Both raked from the lawn and painstakingly picked from the borders. 

So many leaves. Barrow loads, and still more to clear. 

I am currently looking at leaf blowers with a view to buying one to help with this tedious chore as we have so many, even after numerous leaf clearing days during autumn and winter. They blow, suck or mulch the leaves, and a neighbour has recommended one as being the only way of dealing with all the leaves here.

But atleast when clearing the borders, there is the delightful reward of finding little bright green shoots under the dead brown leaves, and sometimes a little purple bud.

The skies have been an incredible cerulean blue some days, and there has been lots of bee activity in our garden - the large bumble bees have been feasting on the purple crocus, they just can't seem to get enough.

There has been plenty of other activity in the garden too.

Birds in the hedges, trees, and lots of checking out this little desirable duck egg blue residence, currently vacant and to let.

I think it will have new tenants before long.

When not sleeping in the sun, Logan rediscovered his love of football.

We had to confiscate the ball last summer as he gets very aggressive and rather macho just as soon as he gets his paws on the ball.

It's a man thing then.

On other matters, I have decided to remove the word verification from my comments form.

I have found the new word format annoying and sometimes hard to read, and imagine that you might too, so instead I have added comment moderation as a measure of control, which means that your kind comments won't appear immediately as before.

If anyone else wishes to do this, please note that you cannot remove word verification from the new format Blogger settings - instead you need to go back to the old style blogger. To do this, click on the top right hand grey nut-type symbol (Blogger Options), click on old Blogger interface and then go to comments (or settings can't remember which one now!), and change the word verifiication option.

A few days ago I was very kindly awarded the Liebster Blog Award from Pretty Little Jewels which I blogged about on last week's post - and I now need to pass that award on.

The blogs I have chosen are:

digs & bean
Little Nest Studio
Liv's Swedish Home

Congratulations to them all!  Please try  to visit these lovely blogs and say Hi and well done if you do not already know them - you won't be disappointed!

Note to the above Awardees!

Please check out my post "A Plea for Help!" on Tuesday 21st February for the details of what to do on accepting the award.

I have very kindly been awarded another Award - well it is award season isn't it?

Amelita (Amelitienne) at PPP - Panna, Piselli, Peyote!!  has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award - Thankyou so much Amelita!!!!

Accepting this award is a little more involved that the other one, so again I shall defer all the passing on etc to another post!

So, a few lovely new blogs to check out here (assuming my links work!)


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  1. ooooh it's so exciting to see my name in another blog (for the first time)!! *.*

  2. We've got one of those leaf blowers,and they are really useful as you can do the job in half the time.We get loads of leaves in our garden when the neighbour's magnolia tree sheds it's leaves.Not that I'm complaining as it's stunning when in flower.Logan looks cute with the's the same size as him! Bella is hopeless with balls/sticks/toys etc,she never retrieves them. :0)

  3. Congrats on your new award. I was thinking of doing the same thing because of the word verification change. It's not been a change for the better, unlike the weather which has been glorious. I think the leaf blower sounds like a fine idea when you have such a big garden like yours, more time for other more enjoyable jobs in the garden that way.
    Lisa x

  4. Hi, Gill! You were awarded, but not enough I think XD This week I`ll nominate you XD Are you ready?! XD
    Love your pictures! Great post! Your Logan so funny boy!
    Have a very nice week

  5. The word verification thing is a bit of a pain I agree, I have removed mine too. I did laugh at macho Logan having his ball confiscated. I am very happy to see your lovely garden again! Love Linda x

  6. The weather really is becoming springlike.
    Good to see Bessie and Logan lending a hand! ;)
    I can't see why any self-respecting bird wouldn't want to move into that lovely duck egg blue birdhouse! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Do you know I noticed bulbs appearing in my garden too, the poor things are very confused!
    I do love seeing pics of Logan, what a cutie :)
    I don't use word verification either, it's very frustrating, all the more so now. Thanks for dropping by yesterday :)

  8. I'm so envious that you have flowers! I can't wait to see the 1st signs of Spring! Unfortunately that won't be for a good month!

    Loved seeing Logan playing ball, Duke is insane for balls! Sometimes we have to take them off him too!

  9. It's wonderful to see blue skies again, I wonder if we're going to get a burst of summer very early on again like we did last year. Logan is so cute, Archie isn't really taken with balls, he's all for cuddly toys. Congratulations on your awards, well deserved.

  10. What lovely sunny pictures. I've been gardening too, and the only problem is that it's so weedy where I haven't tackled, that it's quite obvious where I stopped! I must admit I'm quite jealous that Logan is beautifully idle in the garden. Lottie watches, learns... and then digs :P My poor garden!
    Jane x

  11. Hi Gill, lovely to see your garden again. I know what you mean about the leaves. I spent yesterday afternoon attempting to clear some of mine. Logan is very sweet, even if he does get macho over the ball. Definitely a man or dog thing. Lesley x

  12. Today there was spring light where I live…it was so refreshing it motivated me to go for a jog for the first time in months! thank you for sharing article! abercrombie and I will continue noticing your blog!

  13. Hi - yes it's great to have some warm-ish sunshine at last isn't it. That word verification thingy nearly made me stop blogging - I just couldn't make them out at all! I think I have removed it from mine - hope so! xC

  14. Oh Gosh...thank you so much Gill! You're so kind! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. This pregnancy is anything but plain sailing, so I've been rather preoccupied. You've really made my day, I'd love to accept the award!

    I'll do all the necessary posting and linking tomorrow.

    Thank you, again!!! xxx

  15. Lovely, lovely Spring photos :o)

    It's lovely to have you back, blogging 'proper' ;o)
    You're such an inspirations Gill :o)

    Happy, happy weekend to you.
    Love Donna xx


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