Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Of Hearts and Flowers

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Especially to those who DIDN'T GET A CARD!  :(

Here's some hearts and flowers to share, and a few new cushions to rest your sad weary head on after all those tears if you didn't get a card. Or flowers. Or chocolates. Sniff.

I hope my husband reads this - I can sense the waves of guilt emanating from him now, even from over a 100 miles away. They are that strong. Or will be when I remind him tonight. He is away you see. But that's no excuse.

Here's the hearts - there are more, but the photos are on the other PC and I'm not clever enough to know how to access them from this one. Or maybe I just cannot be bothered today as I am so sad.

Cos I didn't get a card. Sniff.

lavender filled hearts made from linen and vintage lace with vintage buttons

and some flowers - these are some daffodil bulbs I bought a while back and have had indoors - they are Sir Winston Churchill, and they have a lovely scent.

Changing the subject completely, as I wipe away the tears (sob), here are some photos of my spring- cleaned bedroom - Vivienne's (Green Rabbit Designs blog ) early spring cleaning bug has finally bitten me.

and finally, some photos of the latest cushions I have made

red and white cotton/linen mix backed with pure white linen

a chartreuse and white contemporary fabric backed in a recycled Ikea duvet cover - I love this cover, but sadly it has been washed and used too many times and it has worn thin and ripped in places. But there is so much good useable fabric here that I shall enjoy re-using it for all sorts of projects.

Logan gives the thumbs up to the new cushions

Despite my inability to access the photos on the other computer, I have surprised myself in the last week  as I have.......

 * Got my Facebook page going and linked to it from here (although in error I invited everyone who has ever emailed me to be my "Friend" - whoops, so sorry everyone! Although a happy mistake when it includes you, my blogging friends, but not my daughter's school!)

* Put a photostream of my latest makes on my blog (still a few wrinkles to sort out there too!)

*Joined Pinterest and linked to it from my blog

*Set up another Facebook page just for Gillyflower makes ( and which I hope to link soon to the Etsy and Folksy shops that I set up last year but whose shelves remain, sadly, dusty and empty - soon, I hope, to be remedied.)

Now to most of you these are "yeah so whats the big deal" kind of achievements.

But to me, as I seem to be rapidly turning into a technophobe (despite working with computers since the early 1980s until last year in my "other "work life) and can usually be seen and heard saying to my husband and /or daughter that  " no, I don't want to know about it, just tell me how to do this one thing",
 these are proud moments.

Enjoy whatever today brings you (or doesn't bring you, sniff) and I shall leave you with this rather cheery picture of Logan, taken by Bella this morning.

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  1. I got that Facebook invite but didn't know it was you - didn't recognise you from the photo (having only seen you once on your blog)...so I deleted the invitation. Oops. So sorry. I don't really do Facebook either - just keep a vague presence there to keep an eye on my son. I really should make more of an effort.

    Anyway - your cushions are stonking - love them!

    I have that very same blue IKEA duvet cover on my bed right now - it is one of my favourites - such a pretty colour and pattern.

    My hubby got up this morning and went to his desk and drew me a wonky heart on a plain piece of card and said "There. That's your Valentines card." Silly sod. :)

  2. I didn't get a card either (except the one I bought myself - see my blog if you need more info!) but as I never do anything special for him on 14th Feb (well, unless you count clearing out the drain...)I can't really complain! Love your cushions! I too got an invite, but as I'm not yet on Facebook, need to get round to signing up first!

  3. I won't be getting a card either! But Hubby is good in so many ways, so I'll probably keep him!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Wendy - Yes sorry about the invite - I guess I should have apologised to you all in my post.
    I think that's rather romantic (the handrawn heart) - shows that he thinks (quite rightly) the personal touch far more important than commercial cards and expensive flowers.
    A keeper I should say.

    Gill xx

  5. Alix - I read the start of your post and will be over shortly - I should say clearing out the drain counts big time in your hubbys eyes, he must count himself very lucky.
    Again, sorry about the invite!
    Gill xx

  6. Liz - glad to hear you won't hold it against him - his other qualities have obviously stood him in good stead!

    Gill xx

  7. I brought mine a cup of cocoa and I see he fell asleep, yes no card or flowers for me either....even after my hinting last week! I learned that they can only think about one thing at a time where we can think about 6-8 things at a time....so my hints never made a stop upstairs probably...Have a wonderful day Gilly!

  8. You might still get a card, you know?

    Another lovely post, so packed with fantastic images.

    Logan is so... so... so... CUTE!

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, as I'm sure that though you didn't get a card, you must have millions of people who love you!

    A Valentine's Day Hug



  9. Oh that husband of yours may still surprise you yet! Don't be too hard on him but permission to be hard on him tommorrow though if he doesn't!! ;)
    Your spring cleaned bedroom looks gorgeous as do your beautiful cushions. :)
    Right I'm off to add you to my Facebook page and follow you on Pinterest!
    Happy Valentine's Day Gill,
    Vivienne x

  10. Happy Valentine's Day Gill! Love the bedromm spring clean and those cushions are brilliant!

  11. Oh my,what beautiful cushions! I have a 'thing' about cushions at the mo,think it's the cold weather making me feel I want to be all comfy cosy..like Logan!
    I'm sure your hubby hasn't forgotten and will surprise you when he returns.
    If not,you can give him a slap from me. :0)

  12. Such a cute picture of Logan!
    Well done on all your computer related achievements.
    Your bedroom looks so calm and inviting and very pretty too.
    Lisa x

  13. You are not alone Gilly!!! And I'm sure if Logan could...he'd have made you the most beautiful card possible with his own paws!
    Big Valentine's Day hugs to you sweetie...
    xoxo J~

  14. No valentines celebrations here either. Oh well ;)
    Your cushions are so pretty, the fabrics are lovely. Logan is looking as handsome as ever, what a cutie!
    Ps thanks for dropping by the other day. I enjoyed reading your comment :)

  15. Love all the photos and fabrics, especially some of those pillows! But my fav's are of Logan! Especially that last one!!! It made me burst out laughing!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  16. What a fabulous post hon! Look at all those clever makes. I adore the last pic of Logan - he clearly has a very tough life!!!! PS: I didn't get a card either but Miss 4 did. Have a fab week.

  17. Wow you have been busy! I am so sorry you didn't get a card, but I am sure he will make it up to you!

    I didn't get my card until the evening, so maybe he is waiting to give it to you on his return!?

    Your bedroom looks absolutely beautiful! I need to give mine a real spring clean!

    I love the cushions you have made! So pretty! And the little hearts are gorgeous! You have inspired me to use some of my vintage lace to do the same!


  18. You can't be too sad with such a cutie as that Logan! Hope hubby redeemed himself.

  19. Hi, Gill! You`ve made so gorgeous cushions :O) and the linen heart is so delicate. Just for Sweet Home :o)
    Have a warm and happy day

  20. You're not alone, Gill, no Valentine surprises here either. To be fair, we've never celebrated Valentine's Day, so I'll let him off. Those cushions are gorgeous, lovely fabrics. Logan is just so sweet, what a little cutie.


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