Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pink stuff

Just a quick update on last night's post to show you some better lit photos of the latest cushion.

The photo above shows the cushion front made from vintage pink fabric with a beautiful pale coffee (latte?!) crochet mat stitched on, then finished with a pink flower and button 

Back of cushion - natural linen (new) and hot pink pleated trim

In the background you can see the cushion above, which is one I made last year from vintage floral fabric probably either 60s or early 70s and reversed with a vintage dusky pink drawn threadwork napkin (see below)

The two pretty faded floral cushions behind are ones I bought a while ago, made from a lovely linen fabric by a scandinavian designer ( I think) whose name is on the tip of my tongue but eludes me for the moment. I know it is a short name........any guesses? Female. I shall try and remember and then update this later!!

And whilst we're on the subject of pink, and because these happen to be on the bed at the moment (and the above cushion photos were taken in the bedroom) I thought I would show you a photo of the pale turquoisy green crochet trim I added last year to the pink floral vintage pillowcases I found very cheaply on eBay, after being inspired by rose hip - if you've never visited there, do check out her beautiful blog for the most amazing crochet trimmed pillowcases..

Hope you're all feeling "in the pink" today!

( In good health!)

Oh, and whilst I think of it, I have updated my Made by Gillyflower page on this blog - see the menu below my header to view this page - if anyone would like to see some of my recent makes all in one place. There are still many more things to add!

Gill xx
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  1. Hi Gill, Gorgeous work - just my cup of tea. I love using old doilies and embroidered cloths on cushions. I have the 70s flowery fabric too - it was an old pillowcase from a car boot sale!

  2. You make some wonderful cushions. I love the idea of adding a crochet mat, so feminine.

  3. I love all the pretty!

  4. Hi!
    Thank you so much!
    I love your cushions.

  5. More lovely work Gill. I love your gorgeous crochet trim on your pillowcases, really pretty!
    By the way the fabric is definitely '70's, I remember it well as my mum and dad had it on their bed!! :)
    V x

  6. Your pink cushion collection so sweet, Gill :o) Already pined!
    Have a sweet weekend

  7. Hi Gill,

    You have a lovely collection of pillows! My favourite is the one with the 1970s print. I use to have wallpaper like that in my bedroom when I was a child :-)

    Love the little crocheted trim on the pillow. Can you tell me where I can find a description how to make it. I checked out the blog you mentioned, but couldn't find it there. It is a beautiful blog though!!

    Happy evening!


  8. Beautiful work Gill, I love the details, the little pleated edge and the crochet trim, you have such patience!

    Thanks for the lovely comments. I love your new glam photo, I wish I could get a half decent one of me, I'm not very photogenic! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  9. Looooove! That hot pink pleated trim is so delicious. Fab job! :)

  10. Oh I love pretty! You are very creative! Pink is always my favourite.

  11. The cushions are so sweet Gilly! And you did a beautiful job on the crochet make me wish I could sew!
    xo J~

  12. Hi Gill! I have just awarded you the liebster blog award on my blog! xxx

  13. I love those cushions - especially the crochet one! I've just found your blog via Jewel and thought I'd stop by to say 'hello' :) x


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