Thursday, 7 April 2016

In the Garden

Hello everybody, I can't believe we're into April already!

The weeks are flying past as they always do once the gardening year gets under way, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I've managed a few days in the garden, mostly last weekend, when I managed to finally get some seeds sown both under glass and direct into the raised beds.

A bit late I know, but should be OK for growing outside, I've finally sown my tomato seeds - Gardeners Delight and Sweet 100 F1. I shall have to cheat and buy a few ready grown plants for growing in the greenhouse for earlier tomatoes, but I usually have successful crops from plants grown outside. I've also sown pots of Basil, Coriander and Rosemary in the greenhouse. Last year a pot of basil I started in the Spring lasted most of the summer on the kitchen window sill.

I've also sown two types of courgettes under glass, an ordinary green courgette and some fancy coloured round ones! You can tell I haven't got the seed packets to hand and I'm blowed if I can remember the variety!

Outside I've sown half rows of lettuce (Tom Thumb and Little Gem), salad leaves, swiss chard, spinach and beetroot. I can then sow more in a few weeks time.

This weekend, weather permitting, I am hoping to get my potatoes in and some leeks sown into a seed bed, and some peas and kale too.

I've just finished an order for two coastal themed cushion covers which I loved making once I'd sourced the fabrics. Two different pale ticking stripes matched with a soft natural linen.

I've also been plodding on with The Sampler....sorry ladies, you're probably fed up seeing progress reports on this so please bear with me or fast forward!

I've started on the border....little pink flowers with pale blue centres and a blue design in between. This will go all the way round the sampler.

And I've started an alphabet row...working out from the centre point, and will in fill with little hearts.

And a new row of birds and hearts is underway above the still unfinished house....its the most tedious bit!

The garden is showing more signs of life now we are in April, with the first azalea well out now, although no signs of flowers from any of the other azaleas in the garden.

a few individual snakeshead fritillaries are up

the pretty pinky white wood anemones are out along the front, although in these photos it had just finished raining so their flowers are closed against the rain

the tulips have also shut up shop until the sun comes back out

bright and fresh new foliage is appearing on the crab apple tree and the variegated weigela

and the peonies are starting to show signs of life with thick fleshy rhubarb pink growth pushing up.

I still haven't got around to the Hastings blog post but hope to share that soon. 

Hope all is well with everyone out there. What have you been up to in the vegetable garden? What have you planned to grow or have already got growing?  

A friend I met for coffee this morning mentioned cucamelon plants which are supposed to be coming to Waitrose soon....I think I'll have to give those a whirl! Has anyone tried growing these yet? Any tips or comments???

Thank you for visiting me here, and thanks for all your comments on my last post.

Have a good rest of the week and a great weekend!


  1. OMG! Now I've seen both my cushions and am super-excited! I'd like that old chair they're on too please! And, actually I'd like your garden also! Hope all your seeds come to fruition and taste good. xCathy

    1. Now I've really spoilt the surprise! I kind of thought you'd have them before you saw this. I thought they looked right on the faded shabby chair. Thanks for visiting Cathy!
      Gill xx

  2. Hi Gillian,

    It's good to see you posting again. :) Your pansies look lovely, and I LOVE the sampler (for your daughter?)! It's just beautiful, and will be a treasured keepsake, I have no doubt. I wish I could make myself start cross stitching again. I feel like I would enjoy it if I could just get started.

    It sounds like you got lots of good things planted in your garden; it's so nice to have fresh herbs and vegetables, isn't it? I enjoyed your post and hope you have a great day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Hi Denise, lovely to hear from you! Yes the sampler is to celebrate my daughters 21st Birthday next week, but I don't think it'll be finished in time!
      Im ssure youd really get into cross stitch again once you find a design you really like, and its the kind of thing you can pick up and do a little on as and when you have time. I stitch mostly in the evenings with an eye on the tv.
      Hope all is well with you and yours, its an gae since Ive visited you so I shall have lots to catch up with.
      Take care Denise and lovely to hear from you
      Gill xx

  3. Hello Gilly Girl, it is nice to see you back in the blogging world, you were missed. Beautiful spring pictures, I especially love seeing the garden photos. I have got to find the perfect spot and plant some peonies they are among my very favorite of flowers, but never raised them. Is there a trick as to how and were to plant them?

    1. Hi Connie,
      Thanks for your sweet comment, so nice to hear from you! I've been lucky with peonies in that they were already here when we moved in 5 years ago and they seem to like it! They seem to enjoy full sun or a just a little shade, and our soil is well drained which I think they prefer, and they just seem to self seed! These are mainly a rich dark crimson variety and are beautiful, and I must plant some different colours as they seem to like it here. Good luck if you plant some!
      I have been visiting yours regularly but not always had time to leave a comment, and will be over soon to catch up. Take care and thanks for visiting Connie!
      Gill xx

  4. Hello Gilly,
    I love your sampler and the progress you are making. What a treasured piece.
    Your garden is looking terrific and your peony is further along than ours.
    Have a glorious weekend

    Helen x

  5. It's good to hear and see what you are doing in your garden. I haven't been in mine most of the week because of cold rain and SNOW! Yuck! i did get the tool shed cleaned out and I'm keeping the plants in the greenhouse watered. I go in there just to look at them:) Have a good weekend and enjoy your gardening and lovely stitching!

  6. Your veg garden has all my favorites. I planted potatoes for the first time this year and they are sprouting already! My tomatoes are going in the ground this weekend. I know it will take a couple of months, but I always look forward to that first bite of a tomato sandwich :) Have a nice weekend!

  7. good to see things growing..we noticed how much ahead of us you are when we visit rellies in Kent...we're even two weeks behind Lancashire!

  8. Isn't it great to be able to get back outside again! Your cross stitch looks really great! xx

  9. Your sampler is really lovely, what a great keepsake it will be. I made a cross stitch for my son when he was born but never got around to making them for the other two - terrible lol. I really must make them something I suppose!

  10. Lovely photo's of your garden and your beautiful creations Gill!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x


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