Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spring Bits and Bobs

Well we're truly into Spring weather now with March winds and April showers, and in between dodging the showers I have managed to get a bit of time in the garden this last week to continue with the tidying, weeding and mowing.

The camellia continues to be the highlight of the back garden with its beautiful, rich rosy pink blooms and glossy dark green leaves.

Some of the flowers are turning brown now but there are lots of buds still to open. 

My constant companion in the garden has been enjoying a few rays by the pond with his friend Frog, the battered stone frog.

Some of the tulips in pots are flowering now

and I still have a few spring plants to put in....a couple of pretty wind flowers and a sweet smelling dianthus

We are still eating kale from the garden......after years of growing our own veg I still get a kick and a feeling of satisfaction when I need go no further than the garden for some vegetables for dinner. I think it's because we had a long spell of 10 years or so when we didn't have the space or time to grow any veg other than a few pots of tomatoes and buckets of new potatoes on the patio.

The little blue scillas are up in the gravel...they seem to naturally prefer the gravel to the border.

and the first of the azaleas has started to flower...this is a small one with pink flowers.

The primulas I planted back in February are still going strong and providing some cheerful colour on the porch.

The wind has been battering the daffodils and other spring flowers, so I always seem to be rescuing a poor flattened bloom to bring indoors...this strongly scented hyacinth is in our bathroom at the moment in a battered vintage marmalade jar.

On the creative front, I've been stitching away whenever I have a few moments on the cross stitch sampler I'm making for my daughter.

I've made a start on the roof now, and embroidered most of the wording, although I need to re-do the 21st Birthday bit as the spacing ended up wrong! That's what comes of ad-libbing without having amended the chart first!

I've also added a row of birds and hearts.

With family over for tea on Easter Sunday, I spent most of Saturday baking with my daughter and amongst other goodies we made a Passion Cake with marscapone and lemon curd icing ( icing recipe from Annie Bell's Gorgeous Cakes book) and homemade scones to eat with jam and clotted cream! Yum!

Still a bit leftover to have with my morning coffee today!

Last week my daughter and I had a brilliant trip to Hastings, with fish and chips on the beach and lots of pottering around the little streets and steep, stepped passages of the old town, admiring the beautiful old houses and cottages and views of the sea. 

I shall share a separate post in the next day or so as we took lots of photos of the quaint houses.

We also poked around the old junk and antique shops although as I'd bought these two little vintage leather suitcases only a few weeks ago I was very good and only bought a couple of vintage blankets.

I need to give them a bit of tlc but they are full of nostalgia - they might have been children's cases or the larger one may have been a weekend case, but they conjure up all sorts of visions of days gone past.

I hope you all had a good Easter weekend, and are enjoying the Easter holidays if you have children. Fingers crosses for some warmer days as even though the sun is out intermittently, there's still a chill wind in our part of the world.

Edited to add we have just got back from a long country walk where we saw our first bluebells of the year!

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  1. Your flowers are looking good! I had to laugh when I saw your doggie laying near the pond. Our old cat loves to lie on the rocks around the pond and soak up the sunshine. your Easter cake looks so yummy too. And the sampler is coming along. Your daughter will love it!

    I'm going outside to clean out our garden shed. Yuck! But it has to be done. Have a great week!

  2. The sampler is beautiful, the perfect gift. Loved the vintage suitcases, they are great for storage. Loved the look of the cake...

  3. The flowers are lovely.
    Cross stitch very hard to do, I like the look of it but never do it .

  4. So many flowers! Looks like you're having a really nice Spring. I had to cover my kale with netting because the sparrows were enjoying it for lunch.
    I haven't worked on cross stitching in years, but your sampler brings back memories of hours of happy stitching.

  5. Lovely photos of happy times. I get a kick out of growing my own veg too but the veg plot is having a revamp this year so I shall be restricted over what I grow. Your sampler is coming on so well & still such a lovely idea. Love the suitcases I found a similar one in my parents attic. Take care xx

  6. That cross stitch sampler is just so lovely! And so many beautiful flowers in your photos. x

  7. Ah, your lovely flowers! It's such a treat to see that. And what an excellent score those sweet little suitcases are. Well spotted! :)


  8. Hello Gill,
    Your garden is glowing in this beautiful spring weather.
    Your cake also looks delicious and I could use a piece now but will resort to a cup of green tea.


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  10. Uncanny, I am just rereading my Barbara Pym collection and 'Glass of Blessings' is one I am reading at present. Country living also on the go. Lovely photos!

    1. Hi Janet, snap! I'm just re-reading my collection too! They are refreshingly of another time, and a great piece of social history. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine!
      Gill xx

  11. Lovely photo's I do love this time of year when everything is just starting to spring back to life again. I do love a quirky little cottage although that bench seems to be leaning along with the slope of the house :-) Loving the little sampler you are doing for your daughter especially the birds. I keep meaning to do a little sampler again to I must sort something out. That cake looks and sounds so yummy bet that didn't last long. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx


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