Thursday, 13 November 2014

Nordic style hearts and stag cushions

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. No apologies then this week for sharing what I've made!

The pink and white linen floral applique hearts are now finished and stuffed full of lovely lavender - I do so love lavender!

Printed and stitched stag cushions - printed on vintage French metis using a method that I will share with you soon, and then outline stitched in grey thread. Backed in the same metis with a band of vintage French natural and cream striped ticking and some large wooden floral buttons (yet to sew on in photos!)

2nd cushion awaiting making up below - different buttons for this one

Nordic style heart hangers - made from a vintage cream wool blanket, stitched with a simple red cross stitch design, and hung with red and white butchers twine with a vintage red and white button.

Well the photos speak for themselves really. Yes, I've been sewing (and printing!) again.

My week so far shown above in between the chores. 

And we have some sparkly new double glazed window units in some of our timber windows, replacing those that had "blown" and were either cloudy, streaked or had condensation trapped between the two panes of glass, so it looks like there's no glass at all in some windows as it's so clear and clean!

Oh, it's all so exciting here. Not.

Wishing you all a Happy Friday tomorrow and a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever the weather throws at us!


  1. Beautiful work. Don't forget to let us know which craft fairs you will be attending, just in case we are near enough to pop along.

    Jean x

  2. Exquisite, a real delight looking at your makes. I am so impressed with it all but I love the stag cushion perfect for the season. Hope it wasn't too traumatic having the new windows put in.

  3. I'm quite envious of your new double glazed windows - it's a job that desperately needs doing here - but lack of funds means it won't be done for a while. At least theres cash for yarn - so it's not all bad! x

  4. I'm envying you those invisible windows as well. My kitchen ones are all misty. But like Sara's, mine will be like it for the foreseeable future. I love lavender too, there can never be enough nice lavender filled things. CJ xx

  5. Love those Nordic designs. Red on white so pretty

  6. Everything you have made looks fabulous - the stag cushions are particularly interesting, not least because you have printed them yourself.

  7. Beautiful makes as always. I love the Nordic style hearts and the lavender hearts. You can't go wrong with lavender hearts. Xx

  8. I do like your cushions, the stag one is wonderful. Just the thing for this season & laid back enough to keep out for the rest of the year. Brand new windows are always so wonderfully clean aren't they!

  9. Your little hearts are beautiful, I do love a bit of Nordic style. Everything is gorgeous especially that wonderful stag!
    Happy weekend Gill,
    V x

  10. Very pretty. I think one of life's joys are crystal clear windows. I have a few that are now misbehaving. I try to ignore them !!! Happy making x

  11. Yay for new windows!! All of your makes are of course lovely and I am intrigued to hear more about the printing. xx

  12. Gorgeous hearts and I really, really the cushions. Can't wait to see how you do it.

  13. Love your pretty hearts and the stag cushions look very stylish! You will be nice and cosy with those new windows now, as well as having a sparkly clear view! Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  14. All gorgeous makes, I'm especially in love with the stag cushion. Have a good week, see you soon.
    Jane xx

  15. I am so in love with all your Nordic style lovely!
    Sandra xoxox


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