Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bluebells, Blossom and Blooms

Blooms in the garden

New book, Pure Style Home by Jane Cumberbatch...........classic and modern country style interiors book with lots of  inspiring photos, lots of gingham checks, stripes and simple white rooms. Originally published in 1996, this edition published in 2014, and it shows how good country style doesn't date.

A new dress pattern too. It's a while since I've made any clothes and I fancy a simple style summer dress. 

I used to make a lot of  my own clothes in my teens and twenties, including silk underwear that I used to sell through a small shop. Apart from a little sewing when Bella was young, I've sewn hardly any clothes for either Bella or myself in recent years, so I reckon it's about time.

I wonder whether I will manage to make it in an hour - I somehow doubt it very much, as all the usual things will go wrong when faced with a throw the gauntlet down challenge like "make it in an hour" which I won't be able to resist trying to achieve, or even beat! 

I will rush and clock-watch to achieve it, and because of that the scissors will be missing, the fabric will need ironing, the bobbin will run out, I will have joined something the wrong way round, or cut out something wrong, I will  prick myself and curse.........I just know it won't be plain sailing.

So watch this space.........!!!!!

Bluebells in the woods

We knew we were in for a treat even before we saw the blue band of bluebells on the edge of the woods as we could smell the wonderful scent across the open fields as we approached.

Blossom in the orchards

The fragrance of apple blossom in the orchards was amazing too, and the blossoms so beautiful.

Couldn't resist the blossom against blue sky photos!


So much beauty this Spring.

I hope you are enjoying some beauty this Spring too.


  1. Beautiful flowers and blossom, the bluebells also smell heavenly don't they?

    Like the sound of a one-hour dress making project!


  2. I love all these pretty colorful flowers! The wood looks lovely with the blue ones, and your garden is so wonderful.
    Good luck with your dress! I'm curious about the result!

    xx Margriet

  3. Don't bluebells throw out the most amazing colour!!! They really are stunning, love your blossom pics too! :)
    Looking forward to seeing all your new sewing Gill!
    V xxx

  4. What an impressive sight, the bluebells. A real sight for sore eyes...lucky you.

  5. Bluebells and cherry blossom!! Doesn't it make you wish that it could be spring all year round? :)
    B x

  6. Isn't it a beautiful Spring this year. x

  7. Your photos are incredible! The colours! A very happy post indeed! And I look forward to seeing the dress - the clock is ticking! ;-) Chrissie x

  8. Dear Gil

    So much beauty this Sping! is so true. It is absolutely breathtaking. My favourite season and I wish it would last forever
    I will look forward to seeing your dressmaking

    Helen zz

  9. Hello Gill, the flowers are beautiful this time of year, so fresh.. Bluebells are early this year, I have a few in my garden and last year they bloomed in May..
    I like the look of your book, simple and full of gingham, perfect!
    Good luck with your dress..I have to take my time and think things would take me an hour just to work the pattern out!
    Happy sewing
    Thea xx

  10. Lots and lots of beautiful flowers.
    I made my clothes many years ago, I have not done that for years.

  11. I've never seen apple blossom or bluebells so it was a treat for me. Thank you

  12. Gorgeous blooms! Your sewing sounds a bit like my attempts ; )

  13. Such beautiful photos, Gill. There's something quite magical about a carpet of bluebells.

    I look forward to seeing what you sew but, aaargh, it would take me an hour to thread the machine!!!

    Heather x

  14. I so love bluebells and blossom - all your pics are so lovely, Gill, so many beautiful colours and blooms, and your daughter is such a pretty young thing with gorgeous hair! All the best with the sewing race but those times are always exaggerated on patterns, I'm sure of it, so don't fret, just enjoy; it looks to be a nice pattern - one you could make over and over! Joy x

  15. Great photos Gill, you've really captured the blue in the bluebells and the colours in the blossom are breathtaking. Lovely photo of Bella - our little girls are all grown up, where did the time go? I love the idea of a 1 hour dress, although it would take me more than an hour to open the packet and sort out the pattern! Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  16. Beautiful spring! I love all your pictures, especially the bluebell woods and the orchard filled with blossom. Good luck with the speedy sewing, Gill! Have a great weekend!
    Helen xox

  17. Best of luck with your dress making project. And thank you for sharing such lovely pictures :)
    Best wishes.

  18. Such beautiful flowers. I love the idea of a 1-hour dress, have fun!

  19. Oh my goodness, these pictures are nothing short of stunning. The bluebells are especially wonderful as it takes hundreds of years for a show like this to develop. You are so lucky to be near ancient woodland. Good luck with the one hour dress x

  20. Gorgeous post! I love that pattern; it looks so feminine and comfortable, too.

  21. Hi there, just catching up! Looks as though you have been admiring some beautiful flowers lately, love the bluebells especially. Good luck with the sewing, I hope that it goes well and that you have a good week. xx


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