Thursday, 17 April 2014

Been busy............

Been busy in the garden.............

...........sowing seeds, potting on seedlings, taking cuttings, moving plants, weeding, digging the vegetable beds......and a bit of just enjoying the garden in the Spring sunshine.

Been busy out and about, including walking in the woodlands and estate at Chartwell in Kent, once the home of Sir Winston Churchill and now owned by the National Trust..............

........where we saw alpacas and bluebells.............

Been busy sewing.......making a present for my daughter.............and celebrating her Birthday

the applique hearts are made from scraps, some vintage and some more recent, and some from clothing when Bella was little - so a special cushion for a home-loving girl! 

( The green small floral goes way back 40 odd years when I remember my Mum making a dress for my little sister from it, and the pink and red floral and red polka dot are from a little skirt Bella wore when she was 5 or 6 )

Been busy crocheting a round floor mat for the bathroom...........using some of Beverley's hand coloured yarn from the giveaway win. 

Pattern from Erica Knight's Essential Crochet.

......and been busy making another crochet washcloth..........

But above all I have been busy enjoying the company of my daughter home from uni for the Easter hols, so sorry I haven't been busy on my blog!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunnier Spring weather. Sorry I haven't been visiting in Blogland for a while, will be over to catch up with you soon.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend - Happy Easter!


  1. Wow! You really have been busy. You have a beautiful garden with some amazing plants. That crochet bathroom mat is adorable. Have a great Easter.

  2. My you really have been busy. Have a super Easter.

    Jean x

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful Gill! You carry on enjoying it and that lovely girl of yours too, happy birthday to her. :)
    Have a wonderful Easter,
    V xxx

  4. That camelia is gorgeous. I am busy in the garden too, lots and lots of work ....

  5. I have also done a lot of work in the garden Gill! What a wonderful garden you have! You must be very satisfied with the result ... Wish you a happy and peaceful Easter !
    Many hugs

  6. Your garden is so lovely, sounds like you have been busy..beautiful sewing too
    Happy Easter
    Thea xx

  7. Fantastic. That camellia is absolutely stunning, they're some of my favourite things, beautiful foliage and exotic flowers.

  8. You have been a busy girl everything is looking good.

  9. What a beautiful blooming post Gill, thanks so much for such pleasure - your garden must be an absolute delight to you and yours! I would love to visit Chartwell - AND - I love alpacas and bluebells! Your bathroom mat is gorgeous, and your cushion and washcloth very sweet and nicely done also. I'm sure you and your daughter are having some lovely times together - enjoy Easter! Joy xo

  10. What a lovely, flowery post. The pillow is beautiful. Happy Easter to you!

  11. What a stunning garden. Amex me want to plant lots right now : )

  12. Oh my, but your photos are lovely. I can not believe all the beautiful flowers, they are amazing!
    I love your Home Sweet Home pillow . . . but then I love everything you make. You have that special touch when it comes to sewing.
    Happy Easter.
    Connie :)

  13. wow de blosoms and the tulips are so full in bloom and very pretty to see ! like the new cushion home sweet home pretty colors love the landhouse chartwell never been there but it looks very nice and the history behind it is very intresting I think have a lovely easter weekend leon10

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous! So nice to spend time in the sunny garden when the blossom is out! Lovely cushion too! Wishing you a very Happy Easter, Gill.
    Helen xox

  15. Lovely photos. You must really be pleased to see Spring after your long winter.

  16. Your garden is lovely, so many pretty flowers to look at in your photos. Spring is such an enjoyable time of the year and you must be enjoying the sun and a little more warmth in the air. You have been so busy making all kinds of wonderful things. Enjoy your Easter too.
    Anne xx

  17. Beautiful photos and such lovely colours in your crochet washcloth, I just love those two colours together.
    Have a lovely Easter
    Kate x

  18. I love how you have used the hand dyed acrylic yarn in your mat for the bathroom. It's toughness will make it ideal for something like that and the self patterning colours, picked out as a highlight, look fab. Thanks for including it in your pics, especially amongst all those lovely springtime images :)
    B xx

  19. I can't blame you one bit! Your flowers and garden are beautiful. I know why England and it's gardens and gardeners are so famous. I think many are busy trying to get a handle on gardens and lawns before they get away and mine is already. The mower needs fixing and the mower man is "backed up" so my lawn in out of control now!
    What is last last beautiful flowering bush you photographed with pink flowers and sort of orangish leaves? I love it!
    Your stitchery projects are always a treat to see and your pillow for your daughter is so precious. Maybe I should make one for mine as her birthday comes up this know how slow I am! LOL! I also like your bath rug and we all love the handmade washcloths to make and to use!
    What beautiful scenery and thank you for sharing it all.

  20. What a gorgeous cushion full of happy memories. Daniel's been home from uni for the last five weeks, he seems to have broken up much earlier than most other universities, though he goes back tomorrow. Gorgeous photos of your garden.

  21. Happy birthday to your daughter Gill. You made her a beautiful pillow! I thought you showed us photo's of your garden :-) Chartwells garden looks amazing. We visited a few yours ago and enjoyed it very much too!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

    Madelief x

    1. Hi Madelief, yes all these photos were of my garden. Chartwell's gardens are in a different league - vast, beautiful, organised and neat - not like mine!
      Gill xx

  22. Just beautiful, beautiful flowers, beautiful scenery, beautiful crochet, beautiful sewing....just beauty all over this post :)

    Have a wonderful Easter!!!

  23. Happy Easter to you all.
    The whole post is a riot of spring colour.
    Your garden looks as beautiful and abundant as ever.
    Such a sweet cushion, a real treasure.
    Lisa x

  24. I love that cushion you've made for your daughter, especially the way you included fabrics with special meaning to you and your family. That makes it extra special. I really like your crocheted floor mat for the bathroom, I've often fancied making on like that, yours looks great. x

  25. Gill, your photo's are stunning! I especially like the daisy & purple flowers. What are the purple ones? Bluebells? How lucky you are to be so near such a beautiful garden, to walk in the woodlands and in the steps of Sir Winston Churchill, a person I admire very much.

    But, Logan has the right idea! Smart puppy!

    Hope you had a wonderful a Easter!

  26. Busy indeed! The garden looks lovely, the camellia is positively dripping with bloom. Chartwell is one of my favourite places, we're so lucky to have these places on our doorstep aren't we. Love Bella's cushion and your bathmat. See you soon.
    Jane xx

  27. Your garden is looking magnificent Gill, you must be so proud of your hard work. I hope you're enjoying time with your daughter. I'm visiting my parents next week, I'm looking forward to Mum's baking!
    Best wishes.

  28. Your garden is bursting with blooms and color and your pink camellia bush is loaded with blossoms. I don't know how to get mine to bloom that profusely.


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