Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tulips from Great Dixter








Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. For once the weather was pretty good!

We ventured out on Sunday for my birthday treat to visit the beautiful gardens designed by Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter.

The tulips were glorious, and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves............













Am having a few computer problems at the moment (gnashing of teeth - is it gnash or just nash?)

Whatever, I like the word regardless of how it's spelt as it  feels the right kind of satisfying word to describe my irritation and frustration at wasting my day today on the pc instead of being outside gardening or working on my latest sewing project - to be revealed soon I hope! )

Hope all well with you, and thanks for all your comments on my last few posts!

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  1. Happy birthday Gill! :)
    Beautiful photos, tulips have to be one of the most photogenic type of flowers.
    I love the orange ones and the red ones look amazing among the forget-me-nots!
    V xxx

  2. Belated Birthday wishes! The flowers certainly do the talking - that looks like a fab place to visit. Don't get me started on PC's and Blogger for that matter - my posts still not updating - over two months now - GRRRRRrrrr!

  3. Happy Birthday! Beautiful photos - it's a wonderful garden. Hope your pc problems soon get sorted - there's nothing worse! x

  4. What gorgeous pictures and a smashing birthday treat. I've always wanted to go to Great Dixter I have a couple of Christopher Lloyds books his colour combinations are so inspiring. Sarah x

  5. Happy Birthday. Those tulips are just so gorgeous! x

  6. Happy belated birthday Gilly!Tulips are incredibly beautiful flowers and there are a lot of varieties but now in Greece spring and tulips have passed...
    The gardens you show us are heavenly!!!

  7. Beautiful flowers!

    And happy birthday! :) x

  8. Happy birthday Gill! What a pretty post! We visited Great Dixter years ago, but missed the tulips. It looks so colourful. Happy to see you chose a lovely day to visit.

    Madelief x

  9. Happy Birthday Gilly and I hope you celebrate all year long.

    The flowers are magnificent and what a delightful day it must have been

    Helen xx

  10. So many beautiful tulips! Thank you for sharing!


  11. Happy Birthday, Gill! I'm sure you picked up many happy vibes as you tiptoed through those stunning tulips! Looking fwd to seeing your sewing project...

  12. Happy Belated Birthday.......I'm so jealous of your beautiful garden.....Heidi

  13. Oh wow, they're glorious!

    A belated Happy Birthday :)

  14. Oh, tulip heaven! So, so beautiful - and even more so when the sun shines. Hope your pc problems are sorted and the gnashing has ceased!
    Happy weekend

  15. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday! I have so enjoyed this stunning glimpse of an English garden (yes, I know they're not ALL like that!) - a real feast for the eyes. Thank you! Axxx

  16. Happy Birthday, Gill! And wishing you a happy year ahead. I loved this post...the tulips at Great Dixter look truly stunning and your photos capture them beautifully! As I am having a tulip craze at them moment, this post was an even bigger treat for me!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  17. happy birthday too you ! what a lovely present its a beautiful garden great dixter like to go there to see it also may be next summer you have taken very pretty pictures from the garden so colorful and bright very pretty and you have had lovely weather lovely leon10

  18. Oh how beautiful!! It must have been a lovely day!

  19. A very belated birthday Gilly. What a wonderful treat to go to Great Dixter and what fabulous weather you had on the day. Those tulips are gorgeous - all the colours of the rainbow! I'm going through a bit of a purple tulip phase at the mo so will be posting my pics in a blog post soon.

  20. Oh my goodness...gorgeous Gil! And too funny, as I just posted about tulips two seconds ago...makes me smile!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!
    xo J~

  21. What a stunning display. I've never been there but would love to visit.

  22. Hello Gill, what a glorious garden, you must have enjoyed yourself. I am most impressed with the display in pots, it gives me hope for my small garden. Thanks so much for all your lovely observations and comments Gill, I do greatly appreciate them.I am working hard, but really enjoying myself too.
    Have a lovely week, looking forward to seeing what you've been making.
    Much love, Linda xx


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