Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Country style / shabby chic Pots Tutorial

How To Paint Tin Pots

Here's a quick tutorial on how to transform modern galvanised tin pots /plant holders into something a little more shabby chic and modern country style.

You need:
paint - I used Annie Sloan "Original"
wax - dark or antique
galvanised tin pots /plant pot holders
brush for applying paint
cloth or kitchen roll for applying wax.
scraps of fabric
fabric glue or pva glue
brush for applying glue

What you do
- make sure pots are clean (if already used)
- apply paint sparingly with random, messy strokes and don't worry if you miss areas
- lightly sand in a few places
- dip scrunched up cloth or kitchen roll into dark wax and apply randomly and sparingly in a few places on pot
(optional - I added a bit of loose compost that was in the bottom of one pot to the paint whilst still wet - a happy mistake due to my messiness!)


- roughly cut a strip of hessian 2 to 3" wide.
- fray the edges roughly, and twist and distort the strip to make it look a bit ragged.


- hold strip around the pot, cut to allow few inches overlap, brush some glue where the ends meet and stick down - overlap roughly unless you prefer a neater finish. You can also glue the strip to the pot if you want it to be permanent. ( I didn't as I found the fabric strip held the hessian in place pretty well.)


- tear strips of fabric about 1" to 2" wide, longer than the circumference of your pot - you can tie several strips together.
- tie fabric strip on top of  the hessian

job done.


Probably best for indoor use due to the use of fabric.

Maybe to keep your herbs in on the kitchen window sill?


There are of course lots of other variations you could play around with - I shall probably do a few others now I'm on a roll!

* * *

later the same day.........updated to show another variation.......the pink basil pot

two coats Annie Sloan "Antoinette", no sanding or wax, stencilled letters on hessian, tied on with jute.......


you're getting the idea now....................

have fun!



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  1. Shabby chic and gorgeous, thanks for sharing Gill! :)
    V xxx

  2. What a super idea - they look great.

    Heather x

  3. Simple, lovely country style inspiration! I think it's easy to play with the colors but also with the pots. I really appreciate easy crafts because it's not my talent!

  4. Beautiful and what a fabulous idea! The burlap and fabric strips are the perfect addition!

  5. Oh they do look good. I've painted terracotta pots before but never galvanised. I"ll be giving that a go.

    Bertie x

  6. These are great - thanks for the tutorial. I literally just bought my first ever pot of AS paint this afternoon - can't wait to get stuck into some projects :-)
    Have a happy day,

  7. Well aren't you clever! They turned out darling! You are amazing and thank you for showing how to!

  8. These are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for the lovely tutorial.
    M x

  9. What a cracking idea! They look fabulous - so clever! :)

  10. These are gorgeous . . . I love gardening ideas, especially this time of year. :) Thank you for sharing. Great post!

  11. These tins are completely gorgeous, you do have a talent for making the prettiest things.
    Lisa x

  12. These are so pretty. How I love Annie Sloane paint - it's da best! Thank you for finding me cos now I've found you and I've just spent a happy time rummaging through your blog. Love the dresser transformation and the orange plant holder (keep it orange I say). Can't wait to try out the stars - I do like an easy craft activity. xx

  13. what a great idea and it is very simple to do and the look pretty and cosy

  14. Nice DIY ! Your pots looks so great. I never used Shalk painting : I have to try..
    Kisses to you and Logan !


  15. Brilliant idea Gill-very neat!
    thanks for the tutorial. I still haven't bought any As paint as yet but for the first time I've seen it on the shelf in the store here. I recognized it straight away of course as I've been reading about the marvels of AS paint for awhile now on several blogs. Really must have a bash at using it and I have a little side table which will look so well after a slap and tickle of paint.

    Many thanks for popping into my blog too and for your lovely comments.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  16. Very pretty. What a lovely idea.

  17. Hello again, your pots look lovely Gill, I especially like the Basil one, gorgeous colour! I am loving your cool background too, great fun, it feels like I am knocking on your garden gate. Much love to you, Linda x


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