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Although Romance, in the Valentine's Day sense, sadly flew out of the window a long time ago here, I was nevertheless surprised and enchanted to be handed the most beautiful bunch of white, deep pink and blush pink roses at the weekend by Mr G.

Thrust at me with an unromantic "here you are" he then stalked off to bring in the rest of the shopping.

After picking myself up off the floor (the shock dear readers, the shock!), I questioned my daughter and discovered that she had put the idea in his head.

I guess he bought them as insurance against today.

I particularly love these palest pink roses tipped with darker pink.


The beautiful heart you can see above is one that I was sent from the lovely Ruth at Oh So Vintage - as well as her blog, Ruth has a wonderful online shop selling all sorts of vintage goodies, and I was the lucky winner of a competition on her blog a few weeks ago.

The heart is made from a gorgeous red vintage french Toile, and smells heavenly as it's filled with lavender.

Thanks Ruth, I love it!

Ruth has just bought a gorgeous Schnoodle puppy called Henry, so do check out her blog to see some photos of this darling little puppy!

Recently I treated myself to a couple of vintage "trio's" from eBay, pretty ones in good condition that can be used rather than shut away in a cabinet like my other vintage and antique china.

This very pretty blue floral set

And this gorgeous trio to match a few other pieces that I started collecting a few years ago.

Every now and then I look out for some more pieces, and I now have a set of tea plates, a "tennis" set (an elongated saucer and plate combined, so that you could have a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich or slice of cake all held in one hand - clever eh?) and this trio.




I've just bought  this lovely new patchwork and quilting book by Nicki Trench, and I love her "anyone can do it" approach. No hang ups about the right and wrong way to do it, just go for it!

It's full of gorgeous inspiring projects, and if that wasn't enough to encourage you and get you sewing, Nicki has a blog here to check out. She has written quite a few other books, and also runs workshops in patchwork and crochet!

And you can buy some of the lovely fabrics she uses from Laughing Hens.

I'm already itching to get going on two different projects in the book!
But before I start anything else, I have another project nearly finished which I hope to share with you soon.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Ooh, lucky you Gill - the roses are gorgeous! Love all your pretty china too - and I have that book, it's fab and have just treated myself to her crochet book too. Full of inspiration!
    Enjoy your day, and have an extra lump of sugar in your tea.. it's good for shock! ;-)

  2. Lucky you, getting some roses. The pink ones are much prettier than the usual red ones aren't they. I have that book and really love the log cabin quilt. Might be my next project!

  3. Awe beautiful roses Gill, well done Mr Gillyflower ! :)
    What a pretty heart and gorgeous china. Don't forget to stick your little finger out when you're sipping your tea along with your cucumber sandwiches! ;)
    Happy Valentines!
    V xxx

  4. Those roses are divine, I love the way the pink ones petals have opened to make it look like a star.
    Lots of gorgeous colour in your post today which goes well with having the sun out here for a change.
    Lisa x

  5. Lovely post Gill! I had to laugh...this could have been my story! Daughters are precious, are they not? I remember my GrandPa used to hide the flowers in his Mac to bring to Granny for fear someone whould chide him about it. He would handed it to her, blushing a deep red (at 6'3" and towering over her 5', it was quite a sight!)
    Happy Valentine's Day Friend and smell those roses!

  6. lovely roses like the pink colors an d a sweet little lavender heart
    like youre vintage tea cups too
    greetings leon10

  7. What beautiful flowers! Mr G did a great job picking them! Your new teacups are gorgeous. I'll have to keep my eye out... I've never seen these particular patterns before. The book looks really good. I'm heading over to check out her blog. Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Gorgeous roses!! Love that book!! Happy Heart Day! xo Heather

  9. Lovely roses - esp the pink ones - well done Mr G (even if he was prompted!). The toile heart is lovely - I shall go and peruse the online shop! X

  10. Beautiful photos of your beautiful roses. I love your vintage china also.
    M xxx

  11. What a sweet husband you have Gill to give you that beautiful bunch of roses! Love the porcelain you found on Ebay. Such pretty cups and plates!!!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  12. Beautiful roses you lucky lady! The china is so pretty as well. I never knew those bigger saucered sets were called tennis sets, but they are rather handy for a sandwich or sweet treat :)

  13. I think English men are so awkward at expressing affection so have to give Mr G kudos for actually buying the roses, even if he was less than romantic in the gving of them. :) They are beeyooootiful.

    As is your tea set.......just heavenly.

  14. I haven't seen roses in ages...what a sweet daughter you have to push Mr. G like that...she's a rose!
    Your china is so pretty, and so spring-like, makes me smile with anticipation for the season to come (the monotonous gray days are starting to get to me!)
    Happy Valentine's wishes to you Gilly...♥
    xoxo J~

  15. I'm a little late responding to this gorgeous post filled with lovely things. The roses are gorgeous. Even if HE is unromantic, he still bought you flowers. YAY!
    The heart you one is so pretty, the fabric gorgeous.
    Also loving your pretty china ware and the quilt book looks fabulous.
    Anne xx

  16. Your roses are lovely . . . what a sweetheart of a husband :)
    This is a beautiful post . . . I love the pretty tea cups, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  17. Roses and beautiful China! Lovely pictures too. Found your blog through green rabbits and off to have a good read now - perfect for a sunny Sunday morning.
    P x

  18. What beautiful roses and thank you for photographing the heart too! Pretty china, I've not come across the name 'tennis' set but aren't they a good idea?
    Hope the sun is shining with you as it is here.
    Ruth x

  19. I love roses, especially pink ones! What a lot of lovely pictures, Gilly! I also love your trios. I, too, recently purchased some from E-Bay, which I am expecting for tomorrow! I Collect beautiful China, cups and also plates, representing pink roses, though I have run out of storage space!



  20. At least he responded to the prompting! The roses are lovely as are the pretty trios. M x

  21. Oh, well done, Mr. G! Sometimes these men need reminding, but that's okay. Lovely teacups, too--I'm imagining the nicest tea party ever. :)

  22. Oh quelles Jolie fotos et quelles jolies roses !

    Bonne semaine !!

    xxx Maria xxx

  23. The flowery china is absolutely lovely - and the flowers too - you lucky thing!

    Pomona x


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