Friday, 1 February 2013

February Friday Flea

Oh my dears you are all so kind to leave such uplifting comments on my last post - I felt I had to thank each one of you personally, so I have used the "reply" facility on the comments on that post - I'm not sure whether that means it comes through to you email, or whether you won't see it unless you re-visit the post? And I don't think people always do.

It would be interesting to know if you did receive a reply direct? Maybe not the "no-reply" bloggers?

Anyway, either way, I thank you all so much for your support and kind words!

I popped into the local Antique and Flea Market this morning on a whim, despite the pouring rain, and it was well worth while, so please bear with me whilst I share this mornings haul!

First up, a gorgeous bright seersucker cotton table cloth! It's relatively large, which suggests that its probably 70s or 80s, as my other seersucker cloths that date from the 50s and 60s are much smaller, in keeping with the smaller kitchen tables then.

But it's such a cheerful one!

A lovely red silk scarf with a nautical theme


A cheery green scarf, hand rolled hem but looks like acetate


Oh, and this darling little pale primrose glazed chintz drawstring bag! I am love with this, the little red roses are so small and sweet, and seeing it makes me want to rush off and make lots of little drawstring bags from the vintage chintzes I have!



And pour moi, a lovely china blue and white floaty and frilled summer top, Per Una.

And for my daughter, a gorgeous emerald green and white boned bodice, strapless little number from Jane Norman - someone has added wide lace straps which I can remove if Bella doesn't like them.

The white cotton embroderie anglais trim at the hem is part of the original design.


Isn't it sweet!!!?
I wish I were still a size 10!

All the above for a tenner!  The dress alone would cost nearly that in our local charity shops which are not cheap these days!

Not quite such good value, but still worth buying, were the following two lots of beautiful braid.

such a gorgeous pale blue with pretty pink and yellow roses and rosebuds.

And a wider beautiful pale gold woven braid.

Then from Heather, the lady I usually buy from, just a few things today (after such a huge haul last week - see this post for part of it.)

A beautiful little piece of hand crafted needle lace....

a panel of finely hand crocheted lace, which, once washed, I'm hoping will fit across the top or bottom of my kitchen side window which looks out onto a fence!

And a pretty pair of hand stitched, hand made cushion covers




So, a pretty good haul to cheer me on a miserable wet morning.

And here's  my little companion watching whilst I take photos - he loves lying at the top of the sofa so he doesn't miss anything passing by outside!

Just a glimpse of a work in progress that I'm hoping to finish soon......

I love making hexies!

nearly finished joining them up.. ...I do love hand sewing

This panel's finished already... I wonder if you can guess what it will be?

And here's my cosy nook in the sitting room where I'm hand sewing at the moment - the chair contains the WIP bag (made from vintage floral linen ), plenty of cushions, and a warm throw for when its a bit chilly!  The flowers on the jasmine that I bought a week ago have just started opening, so when you walk in the room, or when sitting in my chair, you can smell the heavenly scent.

Maybe I should've tidied the chair before I took the photo!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. great finds and lovely patchwork
    have a happy day leon10

  2. Gosh, didn't you do well. Maybe the rain had deterred lots of other shoppers. My favourites are the green dress (likewise, oh the days of being a size 10!!) and the little bag. I used to love seersucker and remember having a blouse made of it in the 60s. I think I would spend a lot of time in that chair if it were mine surrounded by books and sewing; it looks all cosy and warm there. Love your comment on the toile in my post and if you let me have your address (please email me at I will post a heart to you. I had run out of lavender but stocks have now been replenished so I will make one over the weekend. I am a little apprehensive about sending someone else who sews something I have made!!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Ruth x

  3. What a brilliant haul! I love the pale gold woven braid, and the dress is so pretty. I'm a big hexie fan too, looking forward to seeing it finished :) xx

  4. You did well finding such lovely things. The drawstring bag is very pretty. Lottie loves to lay on the top of the sofa too, with her long legs she takes up most of it! xx

  5. Another great haul Gill! I love the little bag and the braid is beautiful ! :)
    Your WIP corner looks very cosy.
    Oh and I wish I was still a size 10 too !!!!! ;)
    Have a great weekend,
    V xxx

  6. Hi Gill,

    It must have been your lucky day at the flea market. Such great finds! Love how your quilt is coming along.

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  7. Great haul! I love Logan's perch too! Looks lie he's guarding your loot! LOL! Duke's favorite spot is on my foot stool, some days he doesn't like to share either!

    You don't get the replies via email, you have return to the post. Have a great weekend!

  8. Hello Gill
    What a haul...lucky you...that scarf reminds me of the illustration of an old book I had of the Voyage of the Dawn treader from the Chronicles of Narnia C.S.Lewis of my all time favourites. I just love the patchwork too they look like a tier of bright coloured pebbles...really must try my hand at that sometime. beautiful lace too .....all treasures!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. Didnt you do well1

    Love your cosy corner, Im sitting in a similar cosy corner myself as I type this!


  10. Lots of lovely treasures..well done,such pretty ribbon
    Thea x

  11. Goodness me, what treasures there, lucky you! You've taken me back in time with those 'hexies' I used to make loads of things with them when I left school, I still have a pin cushion that's going strong. I have to say too, that sometimes I just like to sit and handsew, it may take longer but there's just something calming about hand sewing. Suzy x

  12. Wish I could get my hands on some pretty braid like that. Love your hexies!

  13. Hi Gill, wow I haven't been anywhere near my computer since Christmas so it is lovely to pop by and see what you have been up to. I am so envious of all your fabulous finds in this post - what lovely treasure! I also have to tell you that my whole family has just had to look at the ice-on-windscreen- photos from a previous post ... we've never seen anything like it and it was just beautiful. We are having the opposite weather, it's really hot and stuffy and it's tempting to stay indoors in the shade. But I can't complain - I love summer.

    Have a wonderful week - see you again soon. School goes back tomorrow so fingers crossed that means a bit more time for blog reading!!


  14. Hi Gilly.....what a lovely way to pass a dreary's so satisfying ....ciao Alison

  15. Hello Gilly

    I love the hexagon patchwork. Hand sewing and knitting is so rewarding.
    I love all your finds and in particular your top.



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