Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ticking a few things off the list......

Put up fake tree ..........TICK!
Note to self : add some hessian or something round the base to cover up plastic legs!

Buy Charity Christmas Cards.......TICK!

Buy some wrapping paper (and matching tags not shown - all Charity Shop) .....TICK!

Yes, getting a few things done at last. It feels GOOD.

More Charity Christmas cards - there are some great ones this year. Really loving the Cancer Research ones shown in first card picture, especially the scandinavian style ones.

The hyacinths that I cheated and bought ready potted with the flowers still deep within the leaves have made amazing progress and are flowering already.

Pink in the Kitchen
(sorry about the surrounding clutter but that's how it is around here)

and these gorgeous bluebell coloured ones in the sitting room - the room is full of their beautiful fragrance.

On the sewing front today, prompted by re-discovering a pretty vintage glasses case (beautiful tapestry flowers with a velvet back) that I bought a few months ago for a  few pounds, I decided to make a few cases from some of that lovely Japanese linen I showed you in my last post.



They are lined in natural Irish linen and have a layer of wadding to soften them.


Am hoping to make a few Blackberry and iPhone cases tomorrow too.

And lastly, but by no means least, Logan insisted I shared these latest photos of him.

He was extremely miffed when he saw all those photos of Bessie in my last post but none of him.
So here you are Logan ;)

I caught him up on the pillows, and almost under the duvet!

Edited to add photo of first Blackberry case in floral linen - just adore this green!

made it with a lime green linen lining

Off to cook dinner now, have a great evening everyone!

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  1. like youre colorfull tree very sweet and pretty leon1o

  2. Oh my. I suddenly feel like I am far far far behind... Good for you ticking things off your list. Cute glasses holders. And love the tile in your kitchen. Very Mediterranean. :D

  3. Logan knows where it's cosiest!
    Lisa x

  4. I love the cute little glasses cases, very, very pretty :-)I love your beautiful fabrics where do you get them from? I have been looking for linen for absolutely ages but couldn't fine any colours I liked. I really want to run out and get my Christmas tree now.

  5. Well who could blame Logan, it is very chilly. ;)
    Love the new sewing, good old Irish linen! :)
    I always but charity cards too and always from animal charities!
    My husband is putting up our tree as I type, I just join in for the decorative bit. ;)
    Vivienne x

  6. Good on you for getting the tree up and decorated so beautifully! I love the fabric you are using for these cases- it all looks so well made and just lovely. Oh, Logan? You look so dashing, sweetheart!

  7. Beautiful tree, beautiful handmade goods, but what makes me happiest about this post is seeing beautiful Logan!
    Hugs, Mary & Duke!

  8. Love your glasses cases, such pretty fabric. Logan looks so cosy on the bed, but guilty too!

  9. Your ahead of me with the Christmas preparations, I haven't even bought my cards yet, though I'm suffering with what I think is a chest infection at the moment, so I don't much feel like doing anything. Love the photos of Logan, he's such a handsome boy.

  10. I can just smell that bulb from here i adore the scent they make. Your cards are lovely and you tree looks so bright and sparkly. Loving your little cases your fabric choice is so pretty. Bless Logan he is a sweetie, dee x

  11. You glass cases are beautiful, what a great idea, I rarely sew. the colors are so pretty you should do well with them.
    Your place looks great, I love the color throughout.
    I've cut my trees they are outback until tomorrow. :)
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  12. Gosh Gill, you really have been busy in the last few days. Your tree looks lovely, so full of memories. I love the hyacinths too and can imagine how gorgeous they are smelling.Logan looks so cute in your lovely bedlinen. All your little cases are adorable, but I especially love the green.
    Many thanks for your very kind comments. I have had a little bit of a crises of confidence, as I am in between businesses, and things aren't happening quick enough. I launched myself into doing things at home, not knowing if it was the right thing to do or not, but I had to keep busy. All the encouraging and kind comments really lifted my spirits, so thank you! My larder cupboard is painted in an emulsion I mixed myself from a duck egg blue and a dark pink, but it is actually very close to Annie Sloan's 'Emile'. you could mix it with an ordinary white emulsion if it's too deep a shade, and it would be a little less chalky for the bathroom.
    Good luck with your next fair. Much love to you, Linda xx

  13. Yep - beginning to get it all done here too! We have a fake tree - went over to the dark side a few years ago after years of real trees. Real trees fall over - fake ones don't! xCathy

  14. Love the glasses cases, such pretty fabric. Logan is adorable.

  15. Wow, I am admiring your speedy progress in the xmas orgainsing! Love those beautiful glasses cases, they are so pretty and practical too. And how adorable are the pix of Logan, such a sweet little dog!
    Have a great week :)
    Helen x


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