Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mirror Makeover

Of course the last thing I should be doing is messing around with paint when there are mince pies to be made, messy corners to be tidied up, and decorations to be put up.

But as someone who, this time last year, decided to paint all her kitchen cupboards with 12 coming for Christmas lunch a few days later, a simple little mirror makeover is nothing ;)

So, take one dated mirror, add some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (I used "Original") and voila!

A new white shabby chic mirror!



 I love how simple white paint can transform.




The light was just going when I'd re-hung it so I had a few attempts at trying to get a decent clear photo!


edited in the evening to add a few photos of my cute little helper

Well I guess I'd better get back on with getting the house ready for Christmas - I am doing anything but what  I should be!

Are you able to stay focused on the Christmas preps or have you been known to go off the rails at this crucial time too?

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  1. Looks fabulous - huge improvement. Amazing stuff that chalk paint.

    Your hallway looks so fresh and lovely.

  2. hello the mirror looks very pretty in white beter than the old is very bright and calm now hope that you can make all the christmas cooking bakeing on time everyone is very bussy this time of the year or in a hurry have a very lovey nice christmas weekend to you and youre fam friends greetings leon10

  3. such a pretty project! happy holidays:)

  4. Oh I often go off on a tangent especially when the things I should be doing are a bit boring! :)
    Good job with the mirror Gill, it looks amazing, what a transformation!!
    Vivienne xxx

  5. What a transformation - looks fabulous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Mirror looks lovely in white - shows up all that detail - love chalk paint. Your little doggy looks so cute with his paws crossed.

  7. How funny, I spent yesterday painting a large mirror I bought on ebay ready to put in our new bathroom. But i was very good and cooking in etween each coat of paint. Your makeover looks good.

  8. Oh yes, so much better! Was your little helper shaking his/her head in the middle photo? So cute! x

  9. Wow! That came out so well- love all the detail that you can really see with the white. Logan is precious with the lights, too :)

    Me, I go through periods of intense focus at getting things done, but then I reward myself with time spent doing things that are not priority. I'll be needing a few more of the former if I'm to get it all done before the big day!

  10. I love your mirror and so GLAD you got distracted from Christmas stuff and made it over. I go off the rails all the time when there are things I SHOULD be doing. It's the creative brain calling (it's the dominate side of my brain) and it can't be ignored. If I ignore it I'm mighty unhappy. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :)
    Have a wonderful creative day,
    Anne xx

  11. Wow!! I did the very same thing a few weeks ago!! It looks wonderful...Thanks for the lovely comment..on the dress...it was so so much fun to make....

  12. I love your mirror makeover!! Mirrors add so much to a home! Your pup is adorable!!!!
    Sending you oodles of joy for a very blessed week.

  13. Wow, the mirror is lovely! What a perfect job, I never would have thought to use chalk paint... And your puppy is just gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  14. Your mirror makeover is wonderful! Please come and paint mine. (Before Christmas!) And please bring the mince pie with you! :-) Wishing you a very happy Christmas!

  15. Ah ha! Chalk paint - I shall remember that! It looks totally lovely. But you are mad .... stop it now and do Christmas like the rest of us! Have a great one! xCathy


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