Friday, 31 August 2012

Yarn Bombed!

On holiday in the West Country earlier this month, one dull and gloomy day we crossed the water to Fowey by the short ferry crossing from Bodinnick to be met by brightly coloured random pieces of knitting and crochet wrapped round posts and pillars along the harbour front - Fowey had been yarn bombed! 

We never did discover why at the time......

And if I hadnt have read this post a few months ago by Kristen at Cozy Things I would never have known what it was!

When we got home we found the reason why - it appears to have been in honour of the Fowey Royal Regatta which we sadly missed, as it took place the week after we'd come home.

The Regatta has been held since the days of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who attended it in their day, as has the Queen.

The Official Tourism Website for Fowey and the Fowey Estuary at describe the event.....

For one week each August the usually tranquil town of Fowey attracts thousands of visitors who flock there for the Fowey Royal Regatta, one of Britain’s premier sailing events. It is also a fun-filled week for all the family – sailors and landlubbers alike.
One of the highlights is always an amazing display over the harbour by the Red Arrows who have been making an annual appearance at the regatta for over 30 years. Other main events include the Carnival with a colourful parade of floats, walkers in fancy dress and marching bands, a fantastic firework displays over the river, live music on the Town Quay, and of course racing on the water every day – not only the serious stuff, but raft and gig racing as well.
Over the many years the Regatta has been running, the regatta has attracted many visitors, including Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Queen Elizabeth II and is recommended as a must see event by Debrett’s, the authority on all matters of taste. Fowey’s location, perched above a magnificent harbour, provides a natural arena to watch the sailing from and in the town’s winding old streets you’ll find plenty of activities to entertain. There’s the traditional crowning of the carnival queen followed by the floral dance, you can compete in the crab catching and swimming competitions, experience the giant pasty ceremony, get caught up in the exuberance of the carnival, watch the magical torch light dinghy procession on the water and spend the evenings on the harbour listening to performances ranging from The Last Night of the Proms to rock.

The website of the Fowey Royal Regatta here gives more information about next year's event.

Such a shame we missed it as it looked good fun! 

Next time......


  1. what a lovely area you live in..
    Love seeing all the yarn bombing, love the colors waving in the wind..
    have a lovely weekend..

  2. Oh so pretty! I'd love to see that here - we could do with a spot of colour along our beachfront.

  3. Ooh I do love to see a bit of yarn bombing :)
    Victoria xx

  4. I love Fowey Its where we got married, thank you for sharing
    Thea x

  5. We holidayed in Fowey last year. It is a great little place. So nice to see photos of it again. KP loved crabbing there.

  6. I love anything near water, and all the happy colors from the "yarn bomb" make it just that much more festive! What a nice surprise!


  7. What a lovely spot by the sea and I do fancy a bit of yarn bombing too. I recently organised to get some yarn bombing done nearby my work for a street art event. here's the link
    the girl's work is lovely I think :)

  8. Thanks for the photos and the information! I too coulnt get the connection!

  9. There's something very cheerful about yarn bombing! :)
    Vivienne x

  10. Hi Gil,

    Great to see your recent posts. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog too. I love the yarn photos, so neat! I have never seen a yarn bomb area in person, some day!
    xo Susan

  11. What gorgeous photos hon!

  12. I love visiting Fowey, our family often visited there on our Cornish hoildays but I have never seen it looking like this before! So amazingly colourful!
    Wishing you a happy week, Gill.
    Helen x

  13. We have the same thing happening in Holland too Gill. It looks joyfull!!!

    Madelief x

  14. I love the yarnbombing - absolutely fantastic!!

    Pomona x

  15. Hello Gil
    What a joyful exhibition and a unique concept. I can imagine how much knitting and crochet must have gone into these projects.



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