Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Images to Inspire

 The image above is how I would like to finish the cupboards and shelves in the study, which are currently a dark, gloomy oak colour - what a transformation that would be!

My paintbrush has already been put to good (but boring) use since returning from holiday, having started on painting the exterior window frames ready for winter.

I'm just painting the sills thankfully, not the whole frames, as they bear the brunt of the weather, both the sun and the rain, and many of ours are now showing signs of flaking and peeling.

The long weekend saw me dodging the rain whilst sanding, filling, and undercoating, and this is certainly not the type of painting I particularly enjoy - no exciting and dramatic end result to keep me going, as it is merely renewing the existing soft matt black paintwork, but at least there is the satisfaction of it looking smart and, most importantly, weatherproofed to last a few more winters.

Maybe next time it needs doing I can persuade my husband to have all the external woodwork painted a softer colour, a pale country blue/green/grey perhaps, which would look good against the white walls. Black is so harsh and not my choice, but was here when we moved, and there are too many other calls on our time and money than to have all the external woodwork re-painted.

In the meantime, working outside today in the sun the paint dries virtually as I brush it on, and my thoughts turn to more exciting decorating projects, to indoors and the on-going decorating I have yet to finish before starting anything new. 
The sitting room, started early in summer with long days spent preparing and painting, but then sadly abandoned as other things took over. 

The kitchen, started late last year and abandoned due to Christmas and never picked up since. 
These are my current WIPs,  and those of you who know me a little through my blog will know that I am a great starter, full of enthusiasm and action whilst I can, but sadly not so good at finding the incentive to pick it up again and finish.

So these images are here to inspire both me and you to tackle those unfinished painting projects now that the weather slowly turns more autumnal, and the desire to spend time outside wanes, and thoughts focus inside the house rather than outside in the garden.

 decorating with a restrained palette of white and raspberry pink, with matching fabric and wallpaper, creating a fresh and pretty room - less is more?

 pale and interesting, this restful bedroom has all the simple country elements of painted floorboards and rag rugs and plain furniture -  pale = restful not dull

 I love the bright touches of turquoise in this dining room - and so easy to change the colour when you want a change 

 another simple country bedroom, with a little zing added in the form of the powder blue bedside cupboard - it doesnt take much to create some impact, just some bold paint or a bold fabric

 understated elegance with bold pink/lilac walls providing the interest -  with a natural wood floor and neutral but elegant furniture, it would be so simple to change the look and feel of a room with just a new coat of paint

lots of colour here! No restraint, and a cheerful mix of colour and patterns - more is more!!!

So tell me, what decorating projects have you got planned for the autumn?

Or are you stuck in the middle of painting a room too, and trying to find the incentive to get back on with it?

Do please share with us your current decorating exploits, it would be great to hear what you are working on at the moment!

I hope these images from Vintage Home Tumblr help motivate and inspire you to go forth and decorate!

If you are hungry for yet more lovely images and further inspiration, pop over to my Pinterest boards where there are lots more interior design and decorating ideas!

Edited on 29th August to add:
Madelief has just informed me that the last few photos are of rooms in a wonderful B&B in Holland called Bed of Flowers (I found them via Vintage Home Tumblr) and I have since found a good post showing more lovely rooms from this house here on Decor8blog. 
They are really well worth a look, such clear beautiful colours used in a simple unfussy way, and seeing more of this lovely B&B has decided me that when I next travel through Holland I must stay there - gorgeous! 

Click here to see their own website and more amazing photos!
Thanks for the information Madelief!

(We last toured through Holland with our daughter a few years ago (our second time), travelling right up the west side via Middelburg, Delft, up to Volendam, across the Ijseelmer and back down visiting Groningen, Apeldoorn and many other places en route - it was a wonderful trip, and the Dutch people were so friendly!)


  1. That pink living room is... wow.

  2. Was just thinking 'there she goes again painting everything white ...' but then you mention the black woodwork! Lovely images as usual - very inspiring. Sloping ceilings make me claustrophobic though - so high airy rooms for me please. xCathy

  3. Lovely pictures, Gill. I'm with you on the blue/grey/green woodwork against white walls - like you see a lot in the Lake District. We're planning that too, but like you, might have to wait a while.
    I've just completed my first little Annie Sloan project and experienced the heady joys of painting without preparation - bliss!
    Jane x

  4. Wow these images are fantastic! So inspiring! I just need a big house to decorate now! Oh and I know how you feel about the painting - I need to re paint all the gloss in our flat - but am very reluctant to start the task! xx

  5. There are some great rooms there i love the turquoises and pinks together. I hope you are able to finish your projects soon. dee x

  6. Lots of lovely pictures to inspire! I am sure that you will be finishing lots of things very soon!

    Pomona x

  7. These pictures are great. I always have a hard time deciding what to do because I love so many different looks. I want those turquoise chairs to come home with me!

  8. Hello Gill

    I love the pink/lilac and faded oriental rug look of the livingroom.
    Good luck with your projects


  9. Great photos. Our hall was started over a year ago then stalled for various reasons and I cannot find the enthusiasm to get going again.

  10. Like you, I am a great starter of projects. Full of enthusiasm, I plough in ripping out stripping, filling, sanding, and just when it couldn't look any worse, I lose enthusiasm! Unfinished bathroom and ensuite here! One functional, other semi-functional, not good! As I keep saying to my husband (who wants to pay someone to finish them) I will finish them... soon (maybe)!
    I love the collection of 'finished' rooms you have shown but my favourite would be the last one. I do love bright colours!
    Hope you and your loved ones are keeping well. Good luck with that painting!
    Becky x

  11. Wow, I just love them all.....Inspiration and colorful bliss!

  12. Lovely interiors Gill. You know the last two photo's are from a B&B in Holland, called House of Flowers. It's worth having a look at their website!

    Good luck with the painting. It sounds like a time consuming job!

    Madelief x

  13. Lovely photos, and as we are in the midst of decorating our bedroom, they really made me hanker after the finished room! I have just ordered the wallpaper, and think I have sorted out all the key elements (paint colours, bedlinen, curtain fabric and so on) but need to wait for the paper to arrive before finalising my ideas. I'm itching to get on with the fun bit - at the moment it's all wardrobe building, plasterboarding and skim plastering, which aren't my forte!

  14. Beautiful images Gill! It's funny, I absolutely love looking at all-white interiors, but I can't help but be blown away by an injection of gorgeous colour somewhere along the line. The pink walled sitting room with the white slip covered chairs is utterly divine - like the frosting on a wedding cake!
    A lovely post - I'm constantly painting and re-painting furniture, and i'm also planning to paint the drawing room, dining room and hallway - Autumn is definitely going to be full of paint splattered dust sheets at Hill House much to my husband's despair!!
    Best wishes,
    Paula xx

  15. We are currently shopping for new couches and I just decided that this is a good moment to change the walls as well. They are blue now, a soft, powdery hue, almost lavender. The couch is grey and most furniture is white, with touches of soft or dark grey. I am contemplating a petrol/ blueish green for a couch and a soft hint of minty green for the walls. Perhaps even a wallpaper instead of just a repaint, perhaps with a print or pattern.


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