Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday WIPs and Other Stuff

One of my unwritten and unspoken-about (until now that is!) resolutions  for the new year is probably one shared by many of you - to sew more, to crochet more, make more things generally, finish off the WIPs, reduce the fabric/wool stash, and tidy my sewing space.

Actually that's more than one.

But you get the idea.

I have started off quite well, firstly by having a good tidy of my space, and secondly by making four pieced cushion cover fronts last week, using fabric from my stash

The following two cushion fronts use the same fabrics but will be a different size when complete. 

Just need to join the rows in this last one, then have a production line going to finish them off by lining the patchworked fronts and doing the backs.

Otherwise I will have just negated my first few resolutions by merely adding to the WIPs.


Whilst getting back into blogging mode I have been doing the rounds of my favourite blogs, catching up with your news, (although I still have more to visit as I am so behind),
 and, as you do,
have come across some lovely new (to me) blogs in my travels around blogland.

One in particular that I enjoyed that you might like to pop over and visit is Rubyted - she has a love of all things dotty and spotty which I can certainly identify with!

I also came across another creative blog, The Vintage Hobby House, where Manda blogs about the Universal Craft Blog Directory in her latest post.

I checked this out via her link to CraftyRie and have signed up - the aim is to build a Directory of Craft Blogs, listing bloggers who craft.

If you craft or "make stuff" then you might like to go and check it out for yourself.

Click on the link here to go to CraftyRie who is bravely organising all this!
(For some reason I cannot get the picture to link, useless woman that I am sometimes when it comes to IT!)

Following the admirable lead of Vivienne at Green Rabbit Designs, a favourite blog of mine, I am in pre-spring mode, which I think is a jolly good idea of Vivienne's (who is taking this very seriously and already spring cleaning - how positive is that?!)  for all you like-minded spring yearners out there - it's a state of mind, positive thinking if you like, seeing the encouraging little signs of spring and carefully ignoring the continuing signs of gloomy winter.

( "In denial of winter "doesnt sound quite so positive does it?)

Todays pre-Spring feel good signs that I spotted were

* the first early daffs out along a lane on the school run this morning, just four brave flowers
* clumps of snowdrops flowering by the roadside (mine are still in hiding)
* catkins across the lane (lots!)
* buds on my daffs
* the cheery purple pansies and scarlet primulas that I planted last week in wall baskets
* the birds sang early this morning as light was breaking (they havent done that for a while with any conviction)
* the woodpecker has started peckering and hammering away in the early morning - lovely spring/ summer sound

So those are my reasons to be cheerful today, my pre-spring signs - do you have any to share?

Or are you still happily enjoying winter?

Edited to add that all the above spring flower photos are last years, not taken this year!!! So sorry if I misled anyone! I did type a line earlier saying this but I must have taken it out!

Another edit or PS!
Have just found another new to me blog that will be of interest to those who love Swedish interiors and patchwork quilts - a visual delight, do visit Liv at

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  1. Hi Gill, a lovely post. Your cushion covers are lovely, I always love red and white together, but am really loving the zesty colours of the first one!

    Funnily enough, I have sort of made a pact with myself to 'embrace winter', this year. To make the most of being stuck indoors, and to spend my time, reading, researching (that's what I call it when I spend hours on the computer), crafting, renewing and restoring myself. And guess what, because I ok'd it with myself first, I actually don't feel guilty! HOORAY!!

    Thankyou so much for your lovely comments on my bathroom. The bath panel is just a strip of fabric, with velcro sewn on the top, and sticky velcro stuck to the bath panel et voila! No trade secrets there! My bath panel is ugly white curved plastic and I had wanted hubby to re-do it with tongue and groove panels which I would paint. In the meantime though (it could be a long wait) it is covered up and looks a lot better.
    Thanks for all the links on your post. Have a lovely day, with much love, Linda x

  2. I love the first cushion, such lovely colours, and I like the idea of making two in the same fabrics but in different sizes. They're all going to look fab when they're finished. Funnily enough, I'm not too depressed about winter this year, I think it's because we're not really having one. I'm out dog walking every day, yet I've only resorted to wearing my winter coat one day so far. I hope I'm not jinxing it by saying this.

  3. Good, good, good Gill so glad you've signed up to pre-spring. The more the merrier, maybe they'll have to make it official then! ;)
    I have my first little purple crocus out this week and I've been watching the magpies picking up sticks in my garden so they're obviously nest building.
    I love your cushions Gill the use of white in them is stunning. :)
    Happy Wednesday,
    Vivienne x

  4. Hello Gill:
    Your cushion covers look wonderful. Our favourite is the red and white combination which looks so fresh and inviting.

    This year, there do seem to be signs of spring everywhere. Daffodils are much in evidence, well before their time. We do so hope that a cold snap will not damage this early growth spurt.

  5. I haven't made any resolutions as such, but I'm very much in the same frame of mind re craftiness and 2012! I love your patchwork pieces, especially the floral and cream as the floral looks very 30s. What a lot of hopeful signs of spring you have spotted - I actually like proper winter, but if it's rarely frosty and never snows, I'd rather we move along to spring sharpish!
    Enjoy finishing the patchwork.

  6. I love Winter,but only if the days are bright...cold I can deal with...but dull,dank,rainy days really get me down,and I long for Spring.....and some COLOUR!
    Loving all your WIP's! The red squares one would look very nice on my sofa! :0)

  7. Hi Gill,

    It must be even warmer in your part of the UK then in Holland! All those colourful spring flowers. You already have daffodils. They always make me smile!

    Your pillows look beautiful! They are all so different in style. I wish I had more time to sew and crochet too.

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  8. Whoops! Sorry Madelief, I realise I took out the line where I said these were last years photos!

  9. I shall have to investigate the blogs you mentioned. I like a bit of polka dottiness!
    Love the new cushions, keep up with the resolutions!
    Lisa x

  10. Those cushions are lovely and each looks so different with the differnt colours. Love seeing all those signs of spring throughyour photos.

  11. Hi, Gill! So colorful and beautiful post you created! Love your cushions. They look springly :o) and last year pictures are great! And again NEW BLOG DESIGN! You are soooo talented! Thanks a lot for a piece of spring!

  12. I love your new cushions and I am SUPER jealous of your flowers, did you say last year on the garden shots if not I'm really jealous!!

  13. Look at those amazing cushions! You clever, clever girl. So nice to see what you're up to. And thank you for the wonderful links - I'm going to have fun looking at these new blogs. Have a lovely week - see you again soon.

  14. Great post, love your patchwork :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  15. Hello again Gill, thanks for your reply. When my hubby asks what I'm doing on the computer and I say research, he laughs! It is true though it is very useful to me in my work. Have a lovely week, love Linda x

  16. Lovely to have you back :o)

    Have a lovely weekend Gill,
    Love Donna xx

  17. Hi, Gill!
    Thanks for the suggestions on my reent blog post about fastenings - you've given me some great ideas.
    I love all the cushion covers - such beautiful fabrics.
    How would Love to have a rummage through your bookshelf! I bet you have some really inspirational books there.
    Becky x

  18. Oh, oh, oh.... love the cushion with the red squares on it!! Gorgeous! I'm not listening to your murmurings of Spring.... hands over my ears.... la la la. (It's Summer over here so I'm quite happy with the status quo thank you very much!!)

    Linda. xox

  19. Love those cushions! And thank you for cheering me up on a very frosty cold day with your spring flower picci's - role on spring :)

    Leah x

  20. Loving your cushions, especially the white with red squares. Thanks for the tip-offs about the blogs - that last one sounds up my street. Am off there now. x Cathy

  21. What gorgeous patchwork! I keep meaning to find the time to start on the little man's patchwork quilt but never seem to ever DO it. (He's four now.......procrastination might be my middle name!)

    Thank you so much for the mention! It means so much that you enjoyed my ramblings!


  22. Love all your patchwork cushions, Gill! I am having a bit of a patchwork craze myself at the moment too! Thank you for sharing those links which I will check in a moment. The spring flowers are gorgeous! It is very cold here today so thoughts of spring are even more needed!
    Have a happy crafty week!
    Helen x

  23. I do love those half square triangles and the simple squares for the cushion cover. Those prints look so fresh and summery.


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