Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pieced and patched

Outside, as I type, a gentle snow is falling, lightly coating roof tops and gate posts like a fine dusting of icing sugar.

Thankfully the lane appears clear, just wet, and it doesnt look as if it really means business.

It's a year today I started writing my blog - the 115th post, over 30,000 page views, nearly 170 followers, and, most importantly, some good, like-minded and supportive friends made from all around the world.

Together through our blogs we have shared our latest makes, our recipes, our gardens and gardening tips, and the ups and downs of life with our families.

Thank you all so much for sharing this blogging adventure with me.

Just a few photos of my latest "makes" today - I have been on a cushion roll ever since the new year dawned, similar to this time last year I think - cushions are my all time favourite things to make!

Since my last post I have finished another three pieced cushion fronts, and one complete cushion made from vintage 9 patch blocks from America which I must share with you.

I also tracked down my small collection of reproduction 1930s feedsack fabrics last week, and made up a few more cushion fronts.

this one from two different red repro feedsack fabrics

 blue repro feedsack fabric and cream cotton

 a design inspired by a Vasarely painting from re-purposed plain fabric

I won these patches below on eBay a couple of years ago, and they are so charming in the random way in which they are pieced together - crooked and not very well sewn, yet someone has taken the time and trouble to cut and sew these fragments of old shirts, dresses and blouses together into 9 patch blocks, some fabrics probably dating from the 1940s and 50s onwards.

Look at this sweet little fabric!

Yesterday evening I had the urge to press and join them in a simple way to make a rectangular cushion, and then this morning I added a simple back using one of my favourite things to recycle - old work shirts! Ready made button fastenings - and I see in my new Cath Kidston  book "Patch!", that I got for Christmas,  that I am not alone in recognising the joys and possibilities of old shirts!

My poor husband only has to have a slightly worn cuff, or slightly gaping buttons, for me to pounce on it and declare it unfit for future wear ;0 - another one bites the dust (and makes the stash, he he!)

So one made and enough for one more similar and one in a different design.

I now have to get myself in the mood for a production line to finish and make up the backs for 7 pieced cushion covers, 

8 including this one on the table at the moment.

patched and appliqued cushion cover

I have been quite organised in my approach to these cushion covers believe it or not, making up designs from ideas that were written or sketched down a while ago, and it is quite satisfying to see them transformed forma an idea on paper to the real thing.

Maybe this is what I need - to be more disciplined!

Welcome to my new followers, and thank you for still being here to my older followers - i cannot believe a whole year has passed!

Apologies if the photos are a bit all over the place today, but I'm still finding my feet with the new look blogger which I have finally been forced to succumb to - it edits differently and I've made a bit of a hash of this post I think :(

I can't even seem to edit and add more photos for some reason - I hate change - I am getting old and grumpy, gggrrrrr!!!!!!!!.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary - I have enjoyed reading your blog. I turn old shirts into hankies - and I am always on the lookout for potential candidates!

    Pomona x

  2. Lovely work - you've made so much! Right, now I'm off on the prowl for any shirts I can find... ;)
    Jane x

  3. Goodness I can't beleive it! Seems like only yesterday that you first started your blog.
    Had a few flakes here too,and boy is it cold! Even Bella's not too keen to be out for long today!
    Wish I had your sewing talent.
    Have a lovely week and keep warm!:)

  4. Happy Anniversary Gilly thats so exciting one year what an accomplishment.....and I love your wonderful pillows!! to many years to come!

  5. aahhh happy anniversary a whole year already time really seems to fly by. Loving your finished patchwork cushion that is pretty and so are your other fabrics already sewn up. I like making cushions to. dee x

  6. Doesn't time fly!! congrats on your anniversary :) love your blog and your makes they are always so pretty.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Happy Anniversary! How productive you've been! The shirt thing - why didn't anyone think of it before - simple but marvellous!

  8. Lots of lovely patches!!
    I'm resisting the new format blogger as long as possible, in the hope that I'll avoid any teething problems it may have!!
    Also I'm happy with the old one!

  9. Your right, the year just flew by! Congrats to you on your anniversary!! I love your shirt pillow, it's a great idea for recycling!!
    Stay warm!
    Chris :o)

  10. What a fantastic, creative lady you are! I am quite new to your blog, and I am gradually taking it all in.

    Congratulations on you first year of blogging! I enjoyed reading your lovely post!


  11. Congratulations on your first bloggiversary Gill! :)
    Gorgeous cushions, I especially love the blue and cream one, so pretty. What a really clever idea with the shirt too!
    You really have been very busy!
    But snow!! No snow please!!!!
    Keep cosy,
    Vivienne x

  12. Hi Gill, It's been a pleasure to have met you through our mutual blogs! It's always nice to have friends "across the pond."

    I enjoy viewing all your handiwork, you are so talented! I especially love, love, love what you've shown here! I want to take the blue repro feedsack!!! LOL!!!

    Tell me, did you make that slipcover on the white chair?

    Have a wonderful week!


  13. Love the patchwork - the fabrics are gorgeous. Great idea for using old shirts!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. Your cushions are lovely Gill.

    When I started sewing 2 years ago I began with patchwork cushions - I haven't made one for ages though - somehow I lost the urge. But maybe I should do another one as everything I make bores me to tears these days and I am losing my sewing mojo.

    And fab way to use up old shirts - just great!

  15. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Gill. Hope you'll be blogging for many years to come. What a great idea for using up old shirts, you're so creative.

  16. Hi, Jill! So cute cushions you made :o) Love the vintage fabrics! Look so sweet :o) Thanks for sharing!
    Have a sunny and lovely day

  17. Hello Gill:
    Congratulations on your Blogiversary! It is no mean achievement to have written so many posts and to have continued to present so many different ideas and topics in a lively and refreshing way. Many happy returns!!

    The Vasarely inspired cushion cover we were particularly attracted to. A museum dedicated to this master of optical art is in Budapest and makes for a most interesting if not eye popping visit! Your cover is beautifully done and would look so good in a modernist interior!

  18. Happy Anniversary Gilly!!! Your blog is always such a delightful and cheerful place to visit and I wish you many more years of blogging about what makes you (and us) happy!!!
    xoxo Jessica

  19. A really charming sight, the cushion and the white chair. I hope that your snow hasn't thickened and become hard to deal with like ours has in London. We just got in having driven 70 miles from West Berks and I was mighty relieved, they hadn't even gritted most of the roads here! Congratulations on your blog's first birthday !:)

  20. A very happy blogday to you! Loving all that gorgeous patchworky stuff you're doing there. That snow did mean business around here! xC

  21. Many congrats on your blogging anniversary!
    You have been busy with all those different fabrics. Your home must be very comfy cosy with all those cushions!

  22. Well, congrats on your blogging anniversary! You certainly have been busy sharing lots of lovey handmade homely things and we have loved sharing it with you too.
    Your collection of fabric knows no bounds, as do your patchwork skills. Such lovely cushions, I am still very much enjoying mine!
    Enjoy the snow, we have nothing here at all :( , but keep warm.
    Becky x


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