Monday, 16 June 2014

Same old, same old........

Oh dear, I'm sorry peeps but it's mostly more of the "same as usual" here!
More cushions, more roses........

Although Friday night was certainly not "same old" the last minute I took part in an 8 mile Moonlight Charity Walk with a good friend to help raise money for our local Hospice, the Hospice in the Weald.

Called the Moonlight Catwalk, roughly 300 to 400 people walked the streets of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, from 10 til gone 1am to help raise funds. 

Atmospheric African drums sounded out as we approached the venue in the fading light, followed by lively zumba to get us all warmed up just before the start. Food stops along the way kept us going, along with friendly and supportive marshals, and the promise of cakes and hot chocolate awaiting us at the end. 

Wearing pink fluorescent cats ears and pink or purple logo t-shirts, we walked up steep hills in the night air (and anyone who knows T. Wells will know there lots of steep hills!) cheered on by residents, people sitting at outdoor restaurant tables and pub drinkers, whose peaceful night streets we shattered with loud chattering like monkeys (yes, it was mainly women.....) singing and chanting (and teenage girls....!) as we swarmed like locusts in our distinctive bright t-shirts.

The down hill stretches were heaven after the hills, and we enjoyed a different perspective of The Pantiles and Tunbridge Wells Common, the shops and pubs and busy restaurants, and the quiet, pretty backwaters of sleeping town houses with brick cobbled paths.

Julie and I walked all 8 miles in 2 1/2 hours. Both in our early 50's, with various slightly dodgy body parts between us, we proudly completed the course and raised our sponsor money to help the Hospice.

Next challenge a half marathon! Well, maybe.

Falling into bed at 1.30, tired but with a sense of achievement, I slept like a log then rose early, luckily without any aches or pains, to make a Banoffee Pie to take to the next event of the weekend, my Brother-in-laws 40th Birthday Party........and the rest of the busy weekend went by in a flash!

So in the garden today I saw some more roses.......this lovely scarlet climbing rose in the back garden

beautifully scented pink summer jasmine - this smells divine on a warm, sultry summers evening like a few we had last week

bright pink Lychnis Coronaria loves my garden and self-seeds freely

and a lovely surprise......................I was very surprised to find this pale lilacy blue rose flowering under the arch today! Goodness knows where its come from, it must have been planted by the previous owners, but its the first time its flowered and this is our 4th summer here. 

It has a lovely fragrance and is such a beauty, but I have no idea what it is.

After cutting half the grass this afternoon it started to drizzle, and so I had no alternative but to go inside and make a new cushion!

Seriously, no choice at all but to take this lovely vintage floral linen, some of that gorgeous denim blue linen, some vintage trim and cherry red ric rac and make a cushion!

And I do rather like this one very much!

It is already listed in my Etsy shop here
but I may have to make another for keeps as I love this pretty fabric (enough left for two or three more cushions I think) and the soft but thick, slubby denim linen is so huggable! (huggable? hugable? I think I just made that up but the soft washed linen makes it like that!)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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  1. Roses and cushions are good Gill!! Especially your gorgeous cushions and that lilac rose is stunning.
    Well done on your sponsored walk, a great achievement for a worthy cause!
    V x

  2. We'll done you on the sponsored walk and especially for carrying on through the weekend as normal - am sure I'd have had to take it easy for the next few days! Your latest cushion is beautiful and I was interested in what you found out about the history of the gingham work - fascinating!

  3. I think the lilac rose may be Waltz Time. I have it growing in a container in our garden and the roses look just like it. You can see pictures to compare with on my blog or the internet and see if that's it. Not the easiest rose but when it does flower it really puts on a show.

  4. Great pillows and you can never have too many flowers.

  5. Well done on your walk Gill, that was a huge effort for a good cause! I love African drums, they get me going like nothing else can, love that beat! I enjoyed reading your account of the walk - beautifully written my dear! Your flowers are all looking gorgeous, and your rose is exquisite and extra special since it just appeared there - it's a special gift for you I reckon!
    Well, your cushions: I am in raptures once again Gill, your fabrics are out of this world and you are just so darned GOOD! Thank you so much for inspiring me, and if you have time do check out my latest 'Tree Cushion' post. Have a great week lovely, xoJoy

  6. Well done on the sponsored walk :-) ....and then getting up early to make a pie.. you are a star!
    Those roses are gorgeous. I'm not surprised you want to make a replica cushion for yourself as it is so pretty.
    Tracey xxx

  7. It sounds like a lovely hike with lots if great people and scenery

  8. Your roses are gorgeous and I think the lilac rose have an exquisite scent. Your linen cushions are unique, so particularly beautiful!

  9. Well done on your walk, & your roses are looking as glorious as ever. Have a good week

  10. Well done on completing your walk! We all love roses and cushions!
    M x

  11. Beautiful roses and lovely cushions too. Well done on your walk, for a great cause too.
    Marianne x

  12. Cushions and roses . . . make a lovely post, especially when they are your cushions :)

  13. Congrats on your big evening walk, that is an accomplishment! And I just love LOVE that fabric and denim combo, it is just wonderful! And as ever, your garden enchants...Chrissie x

  14. Huge congrats on the late night walk! Your cushions are lovely as always and you can never show too many roses, beautiful! Sarah xo

  15. Hello Gillian

    Congratulations on your midnight walk. That is quite an accomplishment. Your weekend was hectic and your garden looks beautiful. Your cushion is beautiful and the linen looks huggable.

    Have a great


  16. Well done on your walk!!! Sounds as though you did it pretty quickly to me. It is a great cause and a great idea. Your new cushion is divine!!! I love the backing that you used as well, as well as the oxford pillowcase edging style. Loving the roses too! xx

  17. Your pillows always look lovely Gill! What a beautiful collection of roses you have in your garden. I love the lilac one. Is it Waltz time?

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  18. You cushions are so inspiring Gill, I would never want you to stop posting about them :) Congratulation on the sponsored walk, you must be really proud of your achievement!
    Best wishes.

  19. that cushion is divine I love the mix of tough denim and dainty ric it and well done for taking part in the midnight walk xxx

  20. You go girl! I think it would take me 8 hrs! LOL


  21. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
    Visit my blog - Tita Carré - free patterns crochet

  22. Well done on your Moonlight walk, I'd love to do something like this again, one day! We visited a NT house on Sunday with the most delicious fragrant roses, made me want to plant loads in my garden, love the scarlet :) x

  23. Very well done on the charity walk Gill. Hope you are having a lovely break. Thank you so much for your comments, I must say I was thrilled. Lots of love to you, Linda xx


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