Friday, 13 December 2013

Cosy Time

Well, it's getting closer to C-Day and yet it's still not looking very Christmassy here. 

Just a few little touches starting to appear, but I'm aware that I should be a lot more ahead than I am.

And that's because even though I have been pretty busy Christmas shopping, with most of the presents, food and drink now bought, I am rather guilty of getting side-tracked with other things.

Crochet things!

And this crochet book by Nicky Trench is to blame!

I have been dying to have a go at crocheting these pretty lacy gloves ever since the book arrived a couple of months ago.

And then I thought they would make an ideal present for my sister, so here they are in all their soft mauve glory!

(It's OK, she rarely has time to read my blog so she won't see them!)

As with anything I make, whether it be food, sewing or crocheting, I am incapable of following instructions without resisting the urge to change them and put my own stamp on whatever it is.

With these gloves I decided that as pretty as the lacy finger-less edges were, I wanted a scallopy shell edging. 

So I added one. 

I made a crochet scarf for my sister a couple of years ago, and this colour is one that is in it, so they should match her scarf.

I hope she likes them!

This young man has been keeping close whilst I have been on my "crochet roll" in the evenings.

And these colour yarns from my stash inspired the next project I made this week from the same book.

Again, one that I have wanted to make ever since the Nicky Trench book arrived - a cafetiere cover.

My version below

And here we have the "gillyflower" touch - ad-libbed vertical stripes at the handle, but this time not because I wanted to add them, but because I had to.

Cosy in my chair all ready to crochet, I was too lazy to get up and measure my cafetiere, and so just trusted that mine was the same size as the one in the book.

It made up so quickly, and before I knew it I had finished it in an hour or two whilst watching TV. 

But sadly it was too long.......and not wide enough!


So.......after some very careful measuring and fitting this time, rather than undo all my work, I added vertical stripes, turned it up at the bottom, sewed on a button (as per the pattern), and hoped for the best!

Much better!!!!!
And a lesson learnt too - measure first and don't make assumptions!

Still need to get the "real" tree for the hall, but the fake one is looking very cheery with its "bung it all on, the more the merrier, tasteless and all" decor!

Which includes red crocheted baubles that I made a few years ago, and Bella's favourite electric blue velvet deer! (see first tree photo above!)

So tasteful! (not!)

The vintage Christmas tablecloth bought at the Flea market the other day is now in use.....

For a change from the traditional dark red Poinsettia, I bought a creamy/ pale yellowy/ lime greeny one - the photo doesn't do the gorgeous colour justice!

Hope your Christmas preparations are more ahead than mine!


  1. Beautiful makes. I especially love the lacy mitts, they're so delicate and feminine. I am sure they will be much appreciated.

  2. Love all the decorations you made and that snowman in the last picture is so super cute..

  3. Do you what Gill, I doubt if any of us would ever be ready for Christmas no matter how much time we had. So just go with the flow and enjoy! :)
    Gorgeous crochet!
    V xxx

  4. I love that book and the mitts are lovely, loving the scallop edging :) xx

  5. Hi Gill,

    We have the same crochet book :-) Those fingerless mittens look really good, so does your coffee pot warmer. Doesn't the tea cosy on the cover look really sweet? It's one of the things I plan to make this year.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  6. Your projects and your home look so pretty. Your sister is going to love these gloves ( if for some dumb reason she doesn't, tell her you have a blogging sister that would gladly take them off her hands, LOL. I love the "gillyflower" touch . . . our special touch is perfection.
    Merry Christmas and God bless you.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. Hi! Your house looks so festive and colorful, love it! You have been very creative! I love your crochet gloves and potwarmers! And I agree with Madelief, the tea cosy on the cover of the book is lovely.
    Have a nice weekend (I think that's easy with all the stuff to keep you warm! :-) )
    Margriet x

  8. You have been busy your gloves are very pretty your sister will love them.

  9. I think that the tree looks great (not sure if you think that means I have bad taste!) it reflects all the things that you have collected and love as a family, and I love trees that have those sort of things on them. They mean so much more than a tree that is decorated for how it looks I think. I also have to say that I prefer your cafateire (can't spell!) cover from the one in the book, the stripes that you added actually add to the cover I think! xx

  10. I like both the style and color of the gloves, your sister will love them, and the tree you decorated is bursting with color and joy.

  11. No, I'm not organised at all, Gill! We're finally getting our tree today. I love yours - personally, I prefer a brightly coloured, busy tree.

    Your gloves are gorgeous - lucky sister - as is your cafetiere cosy (love those colours). I am completely incapable of following a pattern and ALWAYS end up adding my own flourishes! That book is wonderful, it's one of my favourites.

    Have a super weekend.

    Heather x

  12. Hi Gill, your tree looks wonderful! So cheery. You are such a clever thing with all your crocheting. I love the addition of the scalloped edge to the gloves. Goodness, Logan is such a handsome grown up man now. Xx

  13. Hi Gill, you may think you're not looking very Christmassy yet, but your house looks a lot more Christmassy than mine. Did manage to get a tree yesterday so perhaps that will kick start me into action. Your tree looks great laden with colourful cheeriness - love that cute little knitted snowman. Glad to see your flea market tablecloth in use. I think I prefer your scalloped edge on the gloves (lovely colour) and your cafetiere looks good in its woolly jumper! See you soon.
    Jane xx

  14. I love this post! I have that book too, and those mitts and the coffee cozy turned out super! Nice to see them made up other than in the book. Your tree is a beaut.

  15. You've made some really smashing things. I'm sure your sis will be delighted with those cute mitts.
    Trouble is I now want the Nicki Trench book, but I do have an Amazon voucher........mmm.

    Jean xx

  16. Everything looks so homey Gill!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  17. Such a lovely cosy post, Gill! Your new makes are lovely, especially those very pretty mitts! Love your bright colourful tree and all your sparkling decorations! Have a good week.....don't worry about getting everything done...I know I won't have ticked off all my lists, you just have to do your best!
    Helen x

  18. I think you're looking very ready, Gill....It does give me a lovely festive feeling. I love what you did with your cafetiere cover - a wonderful improvised (necessary) improvement! I'm absolutely sure you will be quite organised for the big day. Have a very happy one.

  19. Oh, I don't know ..... with a tree like that one, I'm not sure you need much else!! Have a lovely Christmas, Gill. xCathy

  20. I bet your sister will love those gloves, so pretty.
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
    Lisa x

  21. Wishing you and yours Gill a magical Christmas time...Merry Merry Christmas!

    Amanda x

  22. Hello Gill, I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Your home looks so cosy and welcoming. Well done with the cafetiere cover, I rather like the vertical stripes. I am sure your sister loved those pretty gloves. I have had that book out from the library a couple of times and made a lovely scarf and some pretty bunting, it's great. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, with all my love, Linda x

  23. Your Christmassy home is wonderful, I LOVE your tree, so fun!!! Hope you had a very Happy holiday and that your New Year is filled with many delightful blessings!
    Your French press cozy is just darling!
    xo J~


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