Thursday, 19 September 2013

Summer Gardens

Hello to all of my regular blogging friends, I'm back! I hope you're still out there???

Sorry to have just disappeared off the face of the earth without warning, but what with one thing and another I have been busy and not really in a blogging frame of mind. I hope you all had great summer holidays with your families - I'm looking forward to catching up with all your news.

As we ease into slightly more chillier autumnal weather, I thought it would be nice to experience a final blast of summer heat and colour with photos of the gorgeous gardens we came across on our Devon holiday - the hottest two week holiday in this country that we've ever experienced! 

It was wonderful, waking up each day to clear blue skies and warmth, temperatures in the late 20's and 30's the whole time. Staying in a converted stone barn in the middle of a 200 acre farm, we could almost have imagined we were in the heart of Provence.

So for all those non-garden lovers, my apologies - you have been warned so you can skip this post, and I promise I won't be offended! Next post I should have a few photos of my latest makes / works-in-progress, including some crochet and hand-pieced hexies.

On with the show then!

Arlington Court, a National Trust property near Barnstaple in Devon.

 hot house flower

 cutting flowers in the walled garden at Arlington Court

 view of the walled garden - it was huge, and well planted with fruit, vegetables and cutting flowers

 view through the rose arch with views to the formal garden and glass house beyond, set in front of the vast walled garden

All the previous photos were of the beautiful gardens at Arlington Court, where there is a large Victorian walled garden as well as formal gardens, a lake, and the National Trust Carriage Museum - they have an excellent permanent exhibition here - a good day out.

Dogs are welcome throughout the gardens, and even in the courtyard buildings where they house the Carriage collection - they even thoughtfully had a bowl of water for thirsty dogs!

The following photos were taken at Castle Drogo, another National Trust property, where dogs were not allowed in the formal gardens but there were plenty of areas where they could go, including woodland walks surround the grounds.

 sweet little woodland childs play house with its own miniature cottage gardens 

 wonderful views beyond the garden gate


Well done for getting this far!

A Big "Welcome" to all my new followers who have found me via Bloglovin' - so happy to have you along on the ride.

And a big virtual hug to all my long term blogging friends - I have missed you all and your cheery comments here, and missed visiting your creative and inspiring blogs - soon to be remedied!

Thanks for bearing with me with the photo-heavy post - and huge thanks too for all the supportive and caring comments on my last post. They were so very much appreciated. We miss dear Bessie every day, and still haven't got used to her not being here. 

Bessie enjoying the sun on her favourite bench just a week or two before.


  1. What beautiful places! So nice to get away and recharge your batteries as your home life is changing too.
    Take care,
    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  2. These pics and your post are a perfect pick-me-up on this somewhat gloomy autumnal day - thanks for sharing them. And welcome back :-)
    Happy Thursday,

  3. Poor Bessie, I'm really am sorry!

    Gorgeous gardens and flowers, don't you wish it could be summer all the time! What an amazing barn too!
    V xxx

  4. what a beautiful garden very pretty and lovely the colors very pretty photos leon10

  5. Yes I'm still here (waves)
    Lovely photos, I particularly liked the little Wendy house.
    Dear Bessie, if you're anything like me Gilly, you will feel her loss for some time yet.

  6. Missed you, Gill- though I haven't been about much myself these days. Glad to see the beauty in your photos- thank you for sharing :)

  7. You were truly missed Gill! What a lovely holiday you experienced, happy for you!

  8. So vibrant and lush...the secret walled garden..that view! I sure would love to see your country someday.

  9. So so beautiful! Love the Lupines.

  10. It's been a hit or miss on my blog this summer too, blog breaks are much needed!
    Love the look of Arlington Court, I've just come back from Devon, I shall note it down though for next time x

  11. Wow, beautiful gardens! Love the colors, the flowers, the view..
    Have a nice weekend!

    xx Margriet

  12. Wonderful photos, Gill! I've been to Arlington Court, though at an earlier time of year, so it was lovely to see your pictures of it bright and colourful! I loved the other garden too....especially the little playhouse, would love to have that in my garden, along with the miniature cottage garden around it!
    wishing you a happy autumn!
    Helen x

  13. What a magical place....beautiful!
    thank you for my birthday wishes very sweet....Heidi

  14. Welcome back dear friend! This is an enjoyable post, so many photos from a wonderful place. I love English gardens, they are gorgeous!

  15. No complaints here on the numerous photos! You've covered all my favourites here: walled garden, climber-covered arbours, secret garden gates, strategically placed seating, and dahlias, ooooo dahlias - my new favourite flowers. Welcome back Gill.

  16. A lot of your photos here would make pretty notecards; I like the ones framed through an arch or gate. A shades walkway, a path, a water feature.

  17. Hi Gill, what's not to love! Looks like you had a fabulous holiday. Your daughter is looking lovely.
    Can't wait to see what you have been making. Many thanks for all your sweet comments. Much love, Linda x


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