Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yes, yes, yes!





It's here. It's official. Spring has arrived.

At least for a few days anyway!




The sun is out, the sky is blue, the birds are singing, the flowers are opening, and Logan is as glad as I to feel the warmth of the spring sunshine.

Having been shorn like a sheep last week, he's been shivering ever since, until the warmer temperatures kicked in at the start of this week.

And since Monday we've spent as much of our days outside as we can, working in the garden.

Well, some of us have, others have just been content to sit back and watch...........

The grass has had its first cut, borders have been tidied, a few spring plants put in, and a lot of sitting on the garden bench, eyes shut, basking in the warmth of sun with cups of tea, day dreaming of all the little changes I shall make in the garden this year.

The last few roses left over from last month are still looking pretty, although a little shabby chic now. The white roses went off quite quickly whilst both the pinks have aged more slowly.

And their pretty rosiness just forced me (how could I resist these vintage style roses! ) to buy a new duvet set - gorgeous girly pink roses with grey leaves on a white background - and only £13 for a King size set at Tesco online!!!!

And still on the subject of roses............look what I found in a fav junk/vintage shop in Sevenoaks!!!!

Yellow roses!
A summer dress!
Genuine vintage!

And I know it was meant for me, it called out from the rack of dowdy dull clothes, I spotted it across the room - and it was my size.

I was just a little worried it wouldn't fit me, as sizes were smaller a few decades ago and although it's fine around the waist and hips, I must admit to it being just a tad tightish across the bust. As it's fully lined (with a net frill at the hem) I can't alter it easily.

But who cares! I shall just breathe in! Just don't make me laugh.........

At the same shop I also picked up this sweet little vintage pendant, without a chain, and have just bought a delicate new one for it.

The main part of the pendant is silver, according to the jeweller where I bought the chain, although the pink drop pearl link and fitting isn't - but again, who cares!
It's pretty!


Can't resist just one more peep at the "frock" - to me it's a frock - isn't it cute?!!


Oh, and on my travels the same day I picked this plant stand up for a tenner.

The orange colour is growing on me, although I bought it with the intention of spray painting it white.

Well, I'm off to make the most of this warmer weather.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, and welcome to my new followers.


Hope you're enjoying some warm weather too, wherever you are.

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  1. Bonjour !!!! ♥♥♥

    Quelles jolie fleures c`est déjà le vraie printemps chez vous!!! ;0) ♥♥♥MAGNIFIQUE ♥♥♥ et si ils poussent si bien alors comme disent les français vous avait une main verte !! ♥♥♥

    et votre chien est très très mignon aussi !! ♥♥♥ J~aime beaucoup!! ♥♥♥

    Et la robe est très jolie ! Ella vraiment la couleur de printemps !! ♥♥♥

    Bonne semaine!

    xxx Maria xxx

  2. Yesterday I was on a 'Spring high' in the sun, but today I am back on a 'Winter downer' in drizzle and grey skies! Logan is so cute as is that gorgeous dress! M x

  3. Yep Gill, it's definitely spring (although it's a bit chilly here today)!!
    Lovely to see your garden come to life. :)
    Your frock is gorgeous, that was a lucky find and the little pendant is beautiful, you are quite good at this 'finding' lark! :)
    I quite like that orange!
    Vivienne x

  4. love this sunny spring days love youre spring garden flowers to the cheer you up what a pretty little silver snowdrop like pendant you foud in that vintage shop its so delicate and fine a little jugenstil or art noveau or twenties time logan seems to be happy glad to in the sunny garden
    have a nice day leon10

  5. Gorgeous Spring flowers! We had a couple of sunny days, but it's very grey today. Love your new frock - it's fab! Well found. Abby x

  6. Absolutely am enjoying it - and not before time! You will look fab in that yellow rosy number come Summer. What a great little haul you had round all those shops! I think the orange colour looks vintage, but white would look chic ... so undecided. xCathy

  7. Gorgeous sunny spring flowers, Gill! And I love your flowery frock and sweet pendant! Nice to think that soon we'll all be wearing our frocks in the sunshine again :)
    Helen x

  8. It's certainly feeling as if Spring is here - love your dress and necklace!
    Our two dogs went to the groomers today - different ones as neither could fit both in. Charlie looks OK but poor George looks almost bald and is looking pretty miserable.

  9. Spring brings out such a happy feeling for all of us!
    Great finds Gillian!
    Wishing you a happy Mothering Day!

  10. Spring is such a relief after winter, to see colour and beauty peeping out of the ground.
    Your dress is lovely. I remember netting under dresses, my sister and I hated it because it scratched so much. We deliberately put holes in it so Mum would cut it out. Enjoy wearing your dress.
    Anne xx

  11. Hip hip hooray for spring and gorgeous spring flowers! Beautiful dress...
    M xxx

  12. YES! What a lovely post and gorgeous pics... ooh and I have just a wee touch of vintage frock envy - what a great find. I did a workshop last weekend and learnt to make a new "vintage dress" - going to have to hunt down a petticoat/frilly underskirt though!
    Happy week,

  13. You've got some great finds there. I love the plant stand, very unusual. I would leave it orange and put a blue or mauve pot on it! xx

  14. What a gorgeous dress, just the thing for sunny days. Poor Logan, he must feel the cold without his coat. Archie is desperate for a trim but I'm trying to hold on until the end of the month, I'm hoping it might be a bit warmer by then.

  15. Hello Gill, I do love it when you post about your garden. Are they pink Hellebores, I have never seen pink fabulous! Your frock is delightful, you just need the yellow stilettos and cardi now. I love the duvet set too, very 50's looking, and a bargain.Logan looks so cute.
    Many thanks for your visit and comments. I know I am like you, I kind of love it all, and them it's difficult to filter things out.Have a very Happy Mother's Day, with much love, Linda x. p.s your roses lasted very well didn't they?

  16. Good to hear that things are warming up...we're back from NZ in a month and I don't want it to be a temperature shock!! Meanwhile here, most of the North Island is officially in usually is the South (and that is dry too at the top end at least)..and it is the hottest and dryest for 35 years....

  17. Mmmm, roses, a taste of warmer, flowery days to come! Love your vintage dress (I bet it looks lovely on you) and adore the pendant. Big kiss for Logan.

    Jane xx

  18. What a lovely sight, those blooms and snow-free dirt. I am envious! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine, wearing your new dress. :)

  19. Very lovely and nice site, very flowery, artistic and colourfull, full of beauty, atmosphere and charm. I like it very much and I'm glad I saw it.
    Greetings from Bulgaria!

  20. ooh, very jealous of the super flowery frock..I have a similar in blue! Not sure I will be wearing it anywhere just yet. we are plunged back into Winter here! Lizzie

  21. Spring blooms, the flowers for love.. And everything around has turned bright, including your smile.. :)


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