Monday, 17 October 2011

Painted Furniture

Last week was a busy one in terms of painting furniture, shopping for vintage things for the house and  meeting up with friends, leaving precious little time for a blog post, so once again there has been a lack of posting!


and Logan both "helped" in giving a new lease of life to a tired old brown varnished 1940s chest of drawers, now painted and waxed using the marvellous Annie Sloan paints that a new shop in a near by town now supplies - hooray, for I have been wanting to try out these wonder paints for a while now, and although I have a bit of tweaking still to do to get the effect I want, I have not been disappointed!

The chest of drawers is now painted in Paris Grey, a lovely chalky pale blue/grey

I may distress the old brass handles more so you can see more of the brass again,  although I did not like them enough to leave them completely unpainted

I painted another old barley twist table, this time using Country Grey and an antique wax finish

And I just couldn't resist buying this gorgeous dark turquoisy teal colour Provence and using it immediately, so I painted an old brown varnished standard lamp base (bought last year at a boot fair for a few pounds) to give a shot of glorious colour!

in place in the sitting room BEHIND Mr Gs chair so he can't see it!

Still to be waxed so the finished result will probably look a little darker, but it makes me smile every time I see it!

Needless to say poor old Mr (stick-in-the mud!) G is really not too sure about it - it's all too modern and adventurous for him, it having taken a year or two for him to adjust to the idea of even subtle pale painted furniture, this has just blown his mind!

So to ensure a bit of domestic harmony I may use the antique wax which will tone it down a bit - but Bella loves it and so do I !


But surely he can't object to this antique French gilded wood lampbase which arrived this morning, won for £4.50 on eBay - being an accountant he'll be sure to appreciate the VFM (value for money) it represents!

And I shall promise not to paint it.

And he seemed to like the new but antique style clock which I found for the kitchen for £6.50

I just blame it all on books like this..........

and the lovely book mentioned in my last post ;)

for giving me ideas..........

And he definitely liked this little antique oak chair I found and oiled using Danish oil

So it's not all disharmony here really

As Logan

and Bessie

can testify......

or maybe would do, were they awake!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post!
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  1. What a beautiful transformation to that chest of drawers--gorgeous color. I have shied away from gray, thinking it would feel "cold" but I am reconsidering my position these days--I think I'm ready for a gray renaissance in my life. Your home looks so lovely, as always. :)

  2. You have been so busy. Love the colours you have used. Am looking round at some of my furniture now that could do with a make over.
    Love the cozy photos of Bessie and Logan.

  3. I love it when animals decide to help ;) love your works of art, so much better with a lick of paint.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Must look out for stockists of that paint in our area.Love those soft colours,great job! :0)

  5. You, Logan and Bessie have been busy with the paintbrush!!
    I love your chest of drawers and any paint with the name Provence has to be great! ;)
    Your new clock is brilliant too!
    Have a good week Gill,
    Vivienne x

  6. Hi Gill, Logan and Bessie look very contented. Really like the little oak chair. The standard lamp looks good too. I'd have exactly the same response from the old Col. VFM=those fab lamps from ebay. Lesley x

  7. Those animals look so snuggly!
    Love all the new painted especailly the teal colour. What is wrong with Mr G?!
    Lisa x

  8. I don't think Logan and Bessie mind what colour the furniture is painted as long as there is fabric!

  9. Hi Gill,

    You have been busy!! Your really revamped the furniture. I love the way it all turned out. You chose some great colours!

    Have a lovely new week,

    Madelief x

  10. Hi there!
    Thanks for the comment! The camera is a Nikon D5000. I'm no good at technology so the camera tends to stay on automatic. It is good at close ups but not as good on things that are further away! I must try to figure out how to use it on landscapes! The camera I had before this one - a Minolta was fantastic on distance shots but it used film until I dropped it and that was the end of that!
    Love your makeovers. I have been looking for something similar to your two drawer chest to fit into OD's bedroom. I also love that little chair!
    Have a good week!

  11. Fab makeovers! I am rubbish at doing makeovers on furniture. I don't knwo what happens but when I paint things they don't seem to look the way I hoped they would! Em x

  12. I can't believe how much you have done and it all look so nice. Men just don't seem to get the painted furniture thing, My OH looked horrified when I muted painting our tired old coffee table.(Still working at it though) Bessie and Logan look like they are the best of friends

  13. I'm with your husband on the painting of furniture! but I do love the clock and the pets.

  14. Hi Gill, what a stunning post! I am completely green with envy - all your beautiful new finds!! I love the new paint jobs - well done. It must be a lovely feeling wandering about the house admiring all your clever creations!!

  15. Total transformations! GORGEOUS!! You are very talented! I look at old furniture and can never see what could be done with it! Cx

  16. Hi Gill, thanks for leaving a comment. Blogger does some funny things sometime, doesn't it? Glad you got through eventually. Thanks again. Lesley x

  17. I wish I had your 'get up and do it' attitude! I have some of the ideas but never seem to quite get around to the project. Well done you, oh and Bessie and Logan are just the sweetest.

  18. Oh Mr G seems to have something in common with Mr TB. He likes wood "as it's supposed to look" and I want to paint EVERYTHING including our bed. I guess I'll have to wait until he goes away next and paint it all!
    Totally in love with that chair, what a lovely find.

  19. Ooooh your furniture looks beautiful, clever you.
    I have had some paint ready to update a cupboard here for ages, i think you may have just inspired me to get on with it...thank you
    love your furry friends :o)
    love jooles x

  20. There are some gorgeous books which you can take so much inspiration from. I love the little oak chair, what a fab find, and the clock. How nice that Logan and Bessie get along so well, such cuties.

  21. I just love the transformations you have completed, especially the vibrant lamp base. After 10 years I am still trying to persuade my Mr that painting the wooden bedroom floor would be a good idea!

  22. I have a dresser that needs a coat of paint to spruce it up a bit. You're clearly very good at this kind of project (it's my first visit to your site -thanks for visiting mine).

  23. The turquoise lamp is fantastic gilly...the shade is so pretty and the color is lovely, nicely done!
    I admire your talents and fortitude with a paint brush...and I also admire Logan and Bessie's talent for napping, which I'm sure occurs after they've helped you out a bit!
    All wonderful...
    xo J~


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