Friday, 30 September 2011

Autumn Tints

Autumn leaves and the crab apples in my garden.

Sorry have been rather lax with posts of recent (yet again!) but this past week has been busy with more minor building maintenance works on the house, lots of gardening both here and at our seaside holiday home, and a trip to London to the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair at Battersea Park - will mention this in a little more detail on my next post.

Fuelled with fresh inspiration from the fair, I unearthed my paints and paintbrushes and set to on a little furniture makeover  - be back soon with a few photos but meanwhile here's a little peep!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my furry friends in my last post!

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Indian summer weather we're experiencing in the UK - and have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!

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  1. Hello Gill:
    The autumnal colours in your garden are really spectacular and must be especially so in the wonderful sunshine which you are enjoying at the moment.

    We love the regular Decorative Fairs in Battersea Park. Each one is a marvellous melting pot of decorating ideas which never fail to inspire. We shall look forward to hearing more of what caught your fancy.

  2. Oh I went there once and had a terrific time. Our colours are beginning to change too

  3. Those photos look as they could have been taken in New England! Just lovely. Have a fantastic weekend.


  4. The little peep looks lovely - can't wait to see the rest!
    Enjoy this weekend of Indian Summer!

  5. Ohh, crapabbles! We had the most fantastic crabapple tree in our backyard growing up, and the jelly my mom made was to die for. Glad to see that Fall has landed in your corner of the world!

  6. I just love Autumn. The colours are spectacular.
    you tease! Look forward to seeing the rest.

  7. Awww so lovely those Autumn tints.

  8. Beautiful colours Gilly. My blueberry bushes are turning now and I'm checking my Japanese maple every day for signs of a change.

  9. Love those autumn colours! It sounds as if you've been having a very interesting time, Gill. Looking forward to hearing more!
    Have a good Sunday. Helen x

  10. Isn't it lovely to be outside in the sun drinking in those autumn colours. Looking forward to seeing your new paint project.
    Lisa x

  11. Beautiful! That is what you show and what Nature brings us.
    Now I am off to your furry friends, ├žause I missed it ;-)
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  12. It sounds like you've been busy. What gorgeous colours, my blueberry bushes are a riot of fiery red at the moment.

  13. Just lovely! I'm back in the UK at the end of October for a flying visit and I am really hoping the colours are still in flame. C.x


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