Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's good to be home.....

Things I love about being home

My pile of books by the bedside - have added a few new titles picked up on holiday

Homemade vegetable soup - who has time for soup making on holiday?


Washing the new "old" fabrics that arrived before we went away - more fun than the holiday washing

Picking the first runner beans I've grown in over 20 years, and harvesting loads of french beans

seeing some colour in the garden

finding a second flush of flowers out on this lovely white scented rose

Discovering that Logan is getting very possessive over "his" chair in the kitchen - he whines and tries to push you off with his paws - we can't have that now!

Displaying the three little vintage pyrex bowls I picked up in a Pembroke CS for £1.75

It's mine, all mine!

sweet peas from the garden

Finding the only hanging basket I got around to planting up this year still thriving - and I had such plans for loads this year!

seeing the ripening grapes

finding the third batch of coriander and basil I sowed this year still alive

admiring the scarlet geraniums that never got planted in the basket they're sitting on - but there's still time....

Oh, and joy of joys, yesterday finally getting a dresser for the kitchen off eBay for a reasonable price - yay!!!!

Is solid oak, probably from the 1980s judging by the style, but by the time its painted.....

It was a "Buy it Now" , and as I was umming and ahhing over it somebody put in a Best Offer so that pushed me - I just went for it.........and two hours later it was in our kitchen - brilliant!

I should add here that I have been looking on and off, and unsuccessfully bidding, for about a year now!

They usually end up going way over my budget - this was reasonably priced I think at £75 and is solid and in very good condition - and I'm so happy about it!

more courgettes and cucumbers

being reminded that I have other projects to finish before starting painting the dresser......

sitting in my favourite reading spot with a new book and a cup of coffee in my new mug

finding enough blackberries in the back garden for a blackberry and apple crumble today

Yes, its good to be home


  1. What a warm and comfy post! I love all the photos of you garden! That second flush of roses is just beautiful. Love the pyrex bowls, and I can't wait to see the new hutch all painted up! I'm sure it will be stunning.

    But you know my favorite photos . . . little Logan curled up in his chair! Duke is the same way, very possessive about certain resting spots! They do have cute personalities!

  2. Hello Gill:
    There is something wonderfully therapeutic we find about going round the house upon returning from a holiday just checking that everything is in its place and all is well with the world.

    Your garden is looking lovely and how marvellous to have such a bounty of home grown produce. The runner beans look wonderful, something we really miss as they never seem to be available in Budapest.

  3. Well they say there's no place like home and I think they're right. It's lovely to go away but always nice to return home again!
    What an absolute bargain of a dresser, looking forward to seeing it after it's makeover.
    The grapes look delicious and Logan is of course cute as ever. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Such a lovely post! I so love coming home too, even though I am betwixt and between at the moment. I have the same book and love it. Well done on the eBay find. I was pipped at the post two days ago on a fab one of a kind lamp and I'm still cross about it! Enjoy settling back in. Cx

  5. Lovely posting. Wow - what a lot of reading material - a girl after my own heart! Some beautiful flowers in your garden and those grapes look ripe for the taking. I know what you mean about e-bay I have stopped using it as somebody always beats me at the last minute!
    Logan - too cute for words!

  6. It is good to be home when it is as lovely as yours! x

  7. What a lovely post full of the joys of being back home! As we haven't been away this summer I haven't done that, but I know the feeling. I wouldn't be able to eject Logan from the chair...Have fun with the dresser when you renovate it!

  8. HI Gill, Logan looks so comfortable in his chair, he's so sweet. When we come back from holiday, I can look forward to so many things. Thank you for reminding me just how good it is to be home. I've just picked the first of our beans too. Those grapes look lovely too, how lucky you are to have them. Lesley x

  9. Holidays are wonderful, but it's always nice to return to more familiar, and in your case, beautiful surroundings. We've started picking our beans and have already started blanching and freezing, we're going to get another great crop this year. I love your scented rose, so pretty. I don't have any roses in my garden at the moment but I'm still looking out for a pale yellow rose which will do well in a container, I've been on the lookout for quite a while but haven't come across anything which quite fits the bill yet. Your dresser is gorgeous, I can't wait to see what you do with it. Such a bargain. I'm not surprised that Logan is possessive about his chair, it's adorned in such beautiful crochet. I wouldn't want to leave that comfort either. Hope Bella isn't getting too stressed in the run up to R day (results day), Daniel is a little too laid back for my liking.

  10. Hi Gill,

    What an interesting pile of books you have on your bedside table. It looks a bit the same a my pile! Instead of the crafts books, I have books on gardening :-)!!

    I enjoyed watching photo's of your garden and your harvest. Your beans look impressive. I have never tried them before. Perhaps I should next year.... My problem is that I enjoy having 'everything' in my garden!!!

    Happy new week & lieve groet, Madelief x

  11. There's no place like home is one of my favourite sampler sayings - and you have summed it up beautifully in your post, Gill! I love all the photos of your home and garden, and of course cute Logan there on 'his' chair! Enjoy your homely week, and your garden with all it's pretty flowers and yummy produce too.
    Helen x

  12. You have such a lovely home to come home too. Your garden is blooming magnificently and the veg are coming along so well! I love beans, they're one of my fave veg. I must try runners this year.
    How cute is Logan in his chair! How could you deny him anything? He's so cute! X

  13. Mmmmm, lovely everything! xx

  14. You've just summed up my feelings about coming home! The dresser will look lovely - what a bargain.
    Logan looks like he's glad to be home too. Do you know, it was partly seeing your pictures of him looking so adorable over the past few months that made me want to get a dog! And we are loving having one :)
    Jane x

  15. Hi Gill,
    I love the idea of this wonderful post about being home, it gives off such a lovely feeling of warmth and contentment, just the right mood as we head into autumn!
    The garden is always my first port of call when I get back after being away and hasn't yours has done incredibly well. The vine looks fantastic, you lucky thing!
    Well done on getting your dresser, I can't wait to see it's transformation.
    I am glad you have a good holiday, I enjoyed the photos in the previous post, it looks a lovely area. Have a great week.x

  16. Warm welcome home, Gill. There is no place like home, it is always best to get back home sweet home.
    Enjoy a lovely evening xx

  17. Hi Gill, just wanted to say hope it goes well with Logan today. I know you'll be worried about him and feeling guilty when he's blissfully unaware, but you know it's the right thing to do, and I'm sure he won't hold it against you - especially when I dare say he'll be getting lots of cuddles and foodie treats to make him feel better ;)

  18. Oh fantastic! With a clash of cymbals and blaring trumpets I announce that Blogger is kindly allowing me to post a comment.

    Your back home pictures are so heartwarming. All those simple pleasures which constitute a great whole of joy. You have captured that feeling very well indeed.

    Relish those days back after your beautiful holidays in Pembrokeshire.

  19. How did I miss this post of yours I love those little cups you picked up for a song and everything in this post Momma but where to begin.....logan on that fabulous throw!!

  20. Welcome home Gilly...Pembrokeshire is just lovely! There is no place like home though, no matter how beautiful our destinations are.
    Logan is so darn cute that I think he'd have the run of the house here. How can you say no to that little guy?!
    Love all your finds...the hutch is wonderful and your little bowls are so's so fun to bring home things that you know you'll use often.
    We finally seem to have summer here...hope it's the same for you!
    xo J~

  21. Your dog is so cute!
    I always find very exciting discovering what has changed around in my house when I was not there

  22. Many congrats on getting your new dresser and I'm looking forward to seeing the make over!
    Love the photo of Logan in his chair.
    And your new Pyrex finds were a huge bargain, such pretty colours too.
    Lisa x

  23. Welcome home Gill. Oh I do love coming back after being away. It just makes you appreciate your home all the more! Your garden is still working away, producing many delectable delights! I read your previous post too, your holiday snaps are great. Looks like you got plenty of sea air and excercise! Looks like Logan enjoyed himself. Fancy him getting possesive over that lovely little cosy chair! Many thanks for your visits and comments Gill, I do appreciate them. I had a wonderful party, but did feel a little guilty that my birthday is actually in March! Have a great week. I am looking forward to see what lovely things you are going to make over the coming months. Much love, Linda x

  24. Gill,

    I am timidly returning to tell you I am having a giveaway and I would very much like you to have a chance to win....

    Have a lovely week.


  25. I love that crochet rug and cushion - no wonder your little furry friend likes them too!

    Pomona x


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