Sunday, 6 May 2012

52 Kisses


There were 52 kisses in my Birthday card yesterday from my daughter......

so to celebrate, like last year, I thought I'd share with you some favourite images as I can't buy you all cakes or drinks!

this looks a comfy corner for a cup of tea or putting your feet up for forty winks - love the country freshness of the classic large gingham curtains, the piped chair covers and the patterned paper on the dresser back

a cosy cavernous country kitchen with grey furniture, simple plain white curtains instead of cupboard doors and wonderful red and white chequered floor 

contemporary large patterned wallpaper works well with different prints on the cushions

love these bold painted green and white chequered floorboards for a country entrance way

 green and white patterned wallpaper with the sweet little retro couch, cushions and blue side table -  so fresh and spring-like!

bold patterned flooring works well when all the other elements are kept simple - white walls and cupboards with pine table alone standing out

my dream garden room/conservatory - full of plants, simple flooring (although I think I would have limestone flagstones or quarry tiles), simple white painted furniture, plenty of room to eat

so pretty - fresh floral pillows and contemporary patchwork cover

interesting mix of strong colour on wall with bold floral curtains and cushion, and elegant painted sofa upholstered in checked fabric - the grey links it all - I like this

pretty soft pink painted dresser with simple white walls and plain white china - cute white knobs too -fresh and pretty

more gentle pink, on the walls this time, but the large urn filled with garden flowers atop the painted grey chest prevents it from being too pretty pretty

simple white country bedroom

pretty pink and white country bedding in a simple white painted small country bedroom

wisteria starting to flower under a pretty stone windowsill filled with simple terracotta flowerpots full of cheerful yellow pansies

lovely flowers surrounding steps leading up to a beautiful, ornate painted veranda - I would love to have a house with a veranda! Just imagine sitting here watching the world go by and enjoying the garden, or entertaining with family or friends.

here's another! All comforts close to hand for settling down for a time to enjoy the gorgeous views, or if you can resist the views, curling up on the sofa with the quilt and a good book for a quiet read or indulging in an al-fresco snooze!

beautiful flowers with some cute painted bird houses

I hope you've enjoyed sharing these images with me.

I would love to hear which ones you like best and why!

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend - it's a long one here in the UK, so Happy May Day too!


all images from Vintage Home tumblr

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  1. Happy happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely day. Your images are beautiful...if only they could all be of my house!! Cx

  2. happy birthday!
    I like the green and white with the back door- simple, clean, uncluttered....envious!!

  3. I love the conservatory and the last one of the beautiful garden..I wish mine looked like that!
    Hope your birthday was an extra special one.
    Have a very happy bank holiday! :0)

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. A very happy birthday Gill. Did the rain stay away for a day?? I have fallen in love with that conservatory (apart from the roses). I have a chandelier and the watering cans already so maybe I'm getting there one accessory at a time. Love the little cave kitchen - though I'd have to lose my tall friends in place of some of shorter stature I think!

  6. happy birthday
    ! hope, you have a nice day with lots,
    of cake cards and wishes nice pictures have a nice day
    greethings leon10

  7. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics with us on your '52 kisses' birthday. Hope you had a lovely day!

    B x

  8. Happy Birthday Gill!

    Love all your pretty pictures too :o)

    have a great weekend and bank holiday!


    And thank you so much for the "mouthwatering" images!

    My favourite has to be the second one, as it looks like a real interior, rather than a set. I love the little spiral staircase! Gorgeous!

    It also reminds me of a place near Bari, called Alberobello, known for its beautiful cone shaped houses. The interior I chose as my favourite image, reminds me of an old trullo (they are hundreads of years old!)

    I also like the two dressers. I have a lovely one in my kitchen!




  10. PS: Maybe it was the third image!It's the one with the table!



  11. A very Happy Birthday to you.....lovely pictures!

  12. Happy birthday Gilly!
    Love the green and white floorborards, so fresh. Like all the little painted side tables too.
    Lisa x

  13. Happy Birthday, lovely lady!!

    No way can I choose even one or two favorites from your images- some of these are so beautiful they make my heart kind of ache. I adore painted wooden floors in general, and that glass ceiling of the garden room is stunning!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Happy birthday Gill! Hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

    My favourites are the verandas and the conservatory - both interior design dreams of mine. Sigh...

  15. Happy Birthday Gill, many happy returns! :)
    Lovely images, my favourite one is the one with the view, love it!
    Vivienne x

  16. Oh Gill, 'Happy Birthday' for yesterday,hope you had a lovely day and have a great relaxing bank holiday.

    Happy Days
    Fleur xx

  17. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you enjoyed your special day! I love all your inspiration photos, especially the verandas!

    Have a great day!

  18. Happy Birthday Gill! I hope you had a lovely day. Beautiful pics, I think that garden room is my pick x

  19. Happy Birthday, hope your day was ace.
    I would love the first kitchen for my birthday, love the low ceiling, and the cosiness!!
    I've been sitting on my verandah in the sun all morning, and can definitely attest to the awesomeness of verandahs!!

  20. Big hugs for your birthday! I adore all those images and think the pink dresser is very brave, but it works. xxx

  21. Great images Gill hope you had a great birthday!
    Liv x

  22. Happy Birthday and wishing you lots of joy and a house with a verandah! I am also wishing it for me too ... with a swing bench to sit on. If you get one first, can I visit? xCathy

  23. Hi Gill, belated Happy Birthday! I do hope you were spoilt rotten? Lovely images, and how sweet that your daughter put 52 kisses on your card. Love to you, Linda x

  24. I just found your blog and love it. We love everything english and so I will follow you ......
    Will come back soon!
    Lovely hugs


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