Friday, 1 July 2011

Where does the time go?


( My Dream Garden!)

Where on earth has the last week or two gone?

I cannot believe my last post was nearly two weeks ago, and I must apologise dear readers - I have no excuse other than life just seemed to be busier than usual, having both husband and daughter around all day.

(just love these pink shelves filled with vintage china)

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post about my kitchen - it was great fun reading all your comments, and I'm only sorry that I havent yet managed to reply to you via visiting your blogs in the usual way - I shall have lots to catch up with your latest posts!

Special thanks to those caring bloggers who know I usually post regularly and who left messages to say hope everything is alright as I had'nt posted in a while - I am so touched, you are so kind and it is very much appreciated.

(I love these turquoise painted walls full of interesting works of art, and those rose tiles are wonderful!)

And a huge "welcome" to my new followers, who may well have already abandoned me and I can't say I blame them, as I have posted zippo since they "followed"!

I hope to get back to my normal schedule next week with Bella doing her work experience at a local prmiary school, and Mr G working, so I should be able to slot in my blogging again as normal - and I have missed it so!

( I love this classic scandinavian style bedroom - so pretty and restful)

So what's been going on here in the land of Gillyflower?

On the "important news" front -

Bella has finished her GCSE exams  - YAY!!!!
A Prom / Ball  has been attended
Mr G has a new job - YAY!!!!

(love these bright patchwork cushions and those colourful candlesticks)

And as for the rest - hard to remember to be honest, but amongst many things.......

I've had long busy days in the garden working on the vegetable plot - I have been working hard to get everything in the ground that wasnt in but should have been and every day the watering seems to take for ever now the sun is back with us.

Lots of pruning and cutting back of shrubs, wall climbers and the grape vine

(Pink walls! And fancy Plates - love it!)

I've cut the grass several times including today, and even trimmed the edges as a welcome home for Mr G who has been away this week - the lawn is usually his territory even though he has a worker to cut it (me), but he will spend hours slavishly over-applying weed and moss killer so the lawn has huge, unsightly brown and black patches, and then he spends more time and money applying grass greener to make what grass there is left greener.

(love these amazing yellow patterned stairs!)

a new gate has been installed  (oh what joy that was - the usual DIY nightmare - what should have been a straight forward job of taking one gate down and in its place installing a taller one turned into a two day job! I will spare you the details)

(Wonderful country kitchen - love the soft green of the cabinets)

And the rest of the time has been spent doing just "the usual" - cooking and cleaning and.......oh, you know how it goes!

(this sofa and cushions looks so inviting - love the greens with the shot of purple)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - and I hope to resume normal service next week!!


  1. Good to hear from you Gill!
    Your 'important news' is great!
    Thanks for sharing all those lovely images, a feast of colour!
    Have a good weekend,
    Vivienne x

  2. Hi Gill, so glad you're back and ok. I know what you mean, time really does have a habit of running away. I too haven't posted for a week and I'm trying to find the time to do, what feels like everything for everybody. Glad Bella's exams are over. What a relief! I love the soft green kitchen with the wonderful window seat and that brilliant pink wall! Enjoy the weekend. Lesley x

  3. What a lovely post to read through.. glad that your back!
    I love love love that garden picture, really is my dream country garden.. the archway is just gorgeous. :-)
    Also really like the kitchen with the green cabinets, very homely looking.
    I know what you mean about struggling to get everything done in the garden.. it tends to get on top of you!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Yay to all your good news! I love all your pictures. I'd especially like to sit on the window seat of that kitchen - bet the view's great. So nice to have you back. xxx

  5. You have been missed and i am so glad to see you back! You certainly have had a busy time! I am sure you are glad the old exam madness is over. They are exhausting for all concerned.
    I am loving all the images and wish I could reproduce some of them in my house! Cx

  6. Hi Gill - I too am catching up after my hospital antics. It is lovely that our bloggy friends are all still around! I love that bedroom and the yellow stairs.....want want want xxx

  7. I am so glad that is your 'dream garden' I was just about to spit.

  8. Oh that first photo - my mouth was wide open as I thought it was yours! My dream too.
    Glad all is well, Gill. I've been caught up in family life too like you, but I've still missed your posts!
    Love Jane x

  9. It's good to hear from you, Gill, and learn that all is well, just a little busy.
    Some lovely photos, particularly the kitchen with the window seat between the cupboards!
    Becky x

  10. You Have been pretty busy and seem to have achieved a lot too. It made me smile to read about the gate - it's not just in this house that quick diy jobs seems to escalate into days then?

  11. What a stunning collection of images. I was just thinking yesterday how you hadn't blogged in a while so it's good to know all is well :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Good to have you back! I was just wondering where you'd been! Happy to hear that everything is good! You'll have to post some prom photos, and some gate photos!

    I know what you mean about busy, I've been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger! Now that's an image!

    Happy for your hubby to have a new job, hopefully it's closer to home!

    Have a geat weekend, it's our 4th of July weekend! Yay!!!

  13. Oh where do you ever find all these incredible photos? I swear, I just want to live in your blog. I can't even pick a fave--that Scandinavian bedroom, yes! But the pink shelf, oh my! That little cottage beside the lake, swoon! Glad to have you back, dear. :)

  14. Very colourful post. Fabulous news all round for Bella and your husband.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  15. I love that kitchen! Glad to hear all well and that exams are done and new job found.

  16. Glad to hear that it's just everyday life that has kept you away from your blog and nothing more serious. I did wonder if you'd gone on holiday with Bella having now finished school. It would be great it we could do that as the prices increase so much in the summer holidays, but Eleanor is still in school for another three weeks yet. Hope Bella enjoyed her prom. Daniel didn't go on his, nor did many of his friends, just not their scene I suppose, but I was a little sad that I didn't get to see him all scrubbed up. Good news about your hubby's new job, hope it goes well. I've been in the garden this morning sowing more seeds ready for winter, it never stops. I love all the photos in your post, especially the kitchen and bedroom.

  17. Glad the exams are over. I think its more stressful for parents than children! thank you also for the photos. absolutely beautiful.

  18. Welcome back, Gill! Lovely to hear all your news, especially the 'important news' - that's great!! And such fabulous images to enjoy too - I loved each one and also your gorgeous flowery banner. My garden is also claiming lots of my time, so I know just what you mean - a bit of rain now and then comes in very handy for those of us who have to keep on watering! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  19. Lovely to see and hear you are ok. Sounds like you have been having a lovely busy fun time. Congratulations on your husbands job and good luck also. I love those stairs and that bathroom wow i could spend hours in there. And right now i would love to be in that little cottage on the river what a gorgeous tranquil picture and place to be ;-)) enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x


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