Monday, 25 November 2013

Annie Sloan Painted Coffee Table

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. 

Last week was rather busy with some sewing and painting furniture projects, as well as junking and antiqueing, and all the usual rather more mundane day to day stuff . So with all that on top of a bit of socialising, and a lot of dog walking, I somehow didn't find the time to blog, but here I am today better late than never!

Rummaging around the local charity warehouses last week I found this pretty coffee table with a partly split leg for £10.  My other half glued this back together easily, and after a lovely time messing around with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and wax I transformed it from its original dingy brown-ness.........

 into something a little more pale and elegant..........

It is now painted in two gentle colours: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Country Grey and Original.  

And to me it now has a distinctly French feel about it.

Here's what I did:

Once the wood glue was dry on the leg, I dusted the table down then wiped it clean with a damp cloth.

Once dry, I painted the whole table with Annie Sloan Country Grey, then when that was dry I gave it a light sanding with fine sandpaper all over.

I then painted the main table top with another coat of Country Grey, and I painted the sides under the table top with a random patchy coat of Annie Sloan Original, touching up with more paint where I felt it needed a bit more depth of colour.

I then painted a thin stripe of Original above the carved edge of the table top (see below) and I picked out the carving on the legs with Original too.

I then sanded the whole lot again once the paint was dry, sanding quite hard where I wanted a bit of distressing, mainly over the carved areas and where the paint would wear most naturally when knocked and bumped into.

Be sure to wipe off all the dust created by sanding.

I then waxed the table all over using Annie Sloan Clear Wax and let it dry for a day. I then buffed it up to give it a lovely soft shine.

The table came with a fitted glass top, but if it hadn't then I would have put a second coat of wax on the table top once the first coat was dry and buffed.

It feels beautifully smooth and silky, mainly because of sanding before the wax. I love a silky-smooth finish, and sanding before waxing when using Annie Sloan paints gives you just that.

A word of warning: don't be tempted to buff too soon after waxing. 

I find it needs at least an overnight wait, and if it still feels a little damp or tacky in places then be patient or else it will rub off where it isn't properly dry once you start buffing. And then you pay the price for your impatience by having to re-wax over those rubbed-off areas!

So I now allow a good 24 hours to dry and then it buffs up a dream!

Poor Logan can't understand why I keep taking photos of the table and not him!

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This frame above is the one I painted as part of the Annie Sloan painting course at Dovetails Vintage!

Since my last post I've had a couple of visits to the local Antique and Flea Market, and found a few vintage lace and linen pieces, as well as some fabric and a few other vintage bits and pieces.

Here's a few of my finds........

Found this sweet little vintage cross-stitch pin-cushion - it is tiny, (probably only a couple of inches wide) as are the neat stitches. 50p!

And some gorgeous shot taffetas - one a lovely rich amber colour, shot with a darker shade, and a teal (shot with lilac) - beautiful!  Only £1 each length, both about 2 m each - bargain!

A large, very thickly padded old-fashioned teacosy in a tapestry type fabric called out to me, buy me!

So how could I not for £2!!!

A gorgeous pair of vintage Laura Ashley curtains.......

Some vintage crochet patterns..........look at how elegant this blouse is, as is the lady modelling it!

I was excited to find these crochet edgings.... I love making crochet edgings and look forward to trying out some of the easier ones here, and adapting the more complex ones into something my simple crochet skills can cope with!

Some gorgeous vintage embroderie anglais trims and edgings.....

a sweet round vintage work basket and more embroderie anglais.....

And lots of sewing bits and bobs, old elastics and petershams, ribbons and trims....

and some lovely Dorcas pin tins, and an old tape measure

and more beautiful white vintage lace and linens.

These are just some of my finds over the last week or so.

Bringing these home and sorting them has made realise that I must get serious about culling some of my vintage linens and laces, and start to sell some of them on-line. I find it hard to pass up beautiful vintage linens when I find them, but a lot of them need new homes if I am not going to use them myself as they are in their original form, or re-make them into something new.

So already on the list of "things to do" in 2014 is to set up a Vintage Gillyflower Etsy shop.

In the meantime I am making heavy weather out of stocking my Etsy shop with some Christmas Goodies.

Having never put anything up for sale in my Etsy shop I am at last plodding away with the "taking of photos" stage, having already prepared a list of what is going in the shop.

Here's a sneak preview of some of the many Xmas decorations awaiting listing.....

vintage embroidered wool hearts, antique mangle cloth hearts, lavender-filled mangle cloth hearts, tea-stained ticking doves.......

vintage white linen hearts with vintage lace or printed fronts........

hessian Christmas tree hangers......not many left

natural linen hearts with stencilled number 25.......still lots of these

rusty tin heart hangers.......not many left

vintage linen hearts printed with "Paris".........

All the above and much more to be listed in the next few days in my shop.

If anything takes your fancy in the meantime, please email me for details and prices.

Finally "gone live" with my Etsy Shop! Now open for business!
click on the link here to have a peep"


  1. Love the table Gill.....very French! :)
    Lots of goodies too, I love the crochet patterns and your makes are as always beautiful!
    V xxx

  2. My goodness, you have been soooo busy! The table is beautiful and looks lovely in your living room. I'm sure that it will have a long and happy life with you. I remember those pins, I love how the tins have a little dimple in the top so that you can rest your pins while you are working on something! Good luck with your shop. I hope it is a great success. xx

  3. Hi Gill,

    You are a busy bee! You found some lovely vintage items. Your old, new table looks good in your sitting room. Such a good idea to start a vintage shop. I think I should follow your example. I have too many teacups in my cupboard :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  4. Gosh you had a great haul at the thrift! I can't decide what I like best, though that round sewing basket and pin tins are very sweet:) Great job on the coffee table too - I would love to try Annie Sloane paint but I can't seem to find it over here.
    All of your sale items look great: best of luck selling them in your shop!
    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  5. You have done well lots of lovely things there.

  6. What lovely finds Gill and knowing you, there will be all sorts of goodies appearing in the shoppe shortly! Keep us posted!!
    Happy days,

  7. Hello Gill

    Your table looks wonderful. What a great bargain. Those are great finds in the charity shop.

    Enjoy your week

    Helen xx

  8. Wow, you have been a busy bee! A post chock full of pretty vintage eye candy! I love your bargain table - I can see that selling for £300 in my local 'French distressed furniture boutique' so well done you! And then to scroll down to all those beautiful linens and trims...then your very pretty makes...lovely! Chrissie x

  9. Oh my word, I want to come shopping with you! You've found some lovely goodies there :-)
    Well done on creating another beautiful table, it's really fab and you've inspired me to get my paints out again soon - I have a little chair just crying out for some Annie Sloan loving!
    Have a happy week, Gill -

  10. You have upcycled your table beautifully.
    What an amazing haul of goodies ... finds have been a bit thin on the ground here!
    Your Christmas goodies are lovely and will sell well I am sure.
    M x

  11. Lovin the table. Just how busy have you been? I must take inspiration from you and get cracking.

    Jean x

  12. So many beautiful things! You certainly transformed that table you clever girl. The broderie anglaise is just gorgeous, so too is that teal taffeta and the crochet patterns, and those little Dorcas pin tins. Actually, it would have been quicker just to say I love it all! See you soon.
    Jane xx

  13. Your table looks beautiful now you've given it the Annie Sloan paint treatment...a lovely job, Gill!
    Love those vintage sewing notions and trims, and your new makes are gorgeous, just perfect for Christmas gifts.
    Helen x

  14. what lovely the table like the feet and the wood crafting the colors is perfect and 10 pounds is for such a table a bargian youre very lucky with it love your new christmas decoraitons are you also going to a christmas fair this year with your hand made crafts the are very pretty have a lovely week leon10

  15. Wow! So many good things to look at I had to go back twice. First off, your table turned out gorgeous! Looks like it was worth all the hard work. I also have a weakness for vintage linens, and you really hit the jackpot at the sales. So many lovely things. I adore the sewing basket!

  16. So many beautiful things. What amazing finds, but most of all what lovely things you make :) xx

  17. Hello Gill, what a busy bee you have been. I wish you well with your Etsy shop, everything is lovely. I am sure there is a lot of work to photograph and list everything, plus sort out pricing , postage etc.I am sure you will do a great job.
    Your coffee table looks great, and I love all your vintage buys. I remember those dorcas pin tins!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, you are so very kind. Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x

  18. The table's gorgeous, you've made a great job of it. Good luck with your etsy shop, I'm sure you'll do very well with all your wonderful makes. Hope Bella's settled in to uni well. Daniel finishes his first term on Friday, though he's staying behind a while longer.

  19. Wonderful finds! I'd quite like to tag along with you--the vintage pickings look pretty good, as we say around these parts. You have a very good eye, and you make what I'm sure is quite a lot of hard work look so easy. Congratulations on your shop, too. It's going to be a huge success. :)

  20. Your table looks great now. Very French looking. You've been busy with your Etsy shop. It's surprising how much time it takes to organize isn't it? xx

  21. Hi Gill, I love love love the dresser and coffee table! I'm about to purchase my first Annie Sloan paints from Dovetail and whilst perusing their facebook page, I came across the post on your dresser, including your blog. I love your interpretation of the distressed look. I see lots of heavily distressed pieces but I have to say I am a "less is more" person and I really love your pieces. I wondered if you could offer some advice on wax brushes; I can't stretch to buying the AS ones right now as they're quite pricey - are there any alternatives you could suggest, for both the clear and dark waxes, until I can afford the AS ones? Any hints and tips would be hugely appreciated and thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous creations! Merry Christmas, x

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for your comments!
      Do you know I have never used the wax brushes as i too found them a little expensive, and I did try putting on wax with a similar full round brush but found it too clumsy for detailed or small areas, and it left too much wax on the piece which then had to be removed.
      So I have always applied the AS wax, both dark and clear, with a cloth or old rag.Far cheaper and less wasteful of the wax as you only apply what you need, and i tend to apply the wax sparingly as if you leave any on, or put it on too heavily, it takes forever to dry and it can leave yellowy smears on a light colour.
      So my advice would be save your money for the paint (it goes a long way ) and just use an old bit of cotton sheet or tea towel, or old knickers - they are perfect for the job!
      Hope this helps and good luck!

    2. Thanks so much Gill. That makes perfect sense and it music to my ears! I had wondered when I saw so many tutorials where they seemed to apply quite a bit of dark wax, only to immediately remove it with a load of clear wax. I guess everyone has their favoured techniques, but yours sounds like the way to go for me :) Thanks so much and Happy New Year! Cx ... off to sort out my knicker draw in preparation for the arrival of paint and wax!!!

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