Monday, 31 January 2011

At Last!

Well, here I am! Have finally achieved setting up a Blog! One tick against this years list of New Years resolutions (and probably the only one!).

After several years of enjoying many of the wonderful blogs out there as a reader, and occasionally being brave enough to leave a comment, I have decided to take the plunge and host my own blog. For me, it is the blogs of the many talented creative people out there who somehow manage to combine a busy family life with creating wonderful things, whether it be sewing, crochet, making beautiful interiors, etc, that have inspired me to have a go too.

From time to time I hope to share whatever I am working on at the moment, as I have so enjoyed seeing other peoples projects progress from maybe a tantalising glimpse of a beautiful piece of fabric, or a hint of an idea, through to the final "ta da!" pictures and the satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes with a job finished. I would love to be sharing that with others who know the feeling!

I also love the international aspect of blogging, being able to enjoy a taste of another way of life in a distant part of the world, and the thrill of being able to travel virtually from Norway to France, from Scotland to Australia, and from Florida to Cornwall, sharing a little moment in time with those creative bloggers who enrich others lives by sharing. 

OK, here goes, publish and be damned!(This first post is quite nerve racking isnt it?!!)