Thursday, 28 April 2011

Last Chance and Life Changes

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Peony about to flower

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Now I don't normally talk about my husband Mr Gillyflower (or Mr G for short) but its a funny old day here today as its the End of an Era.

You know, one of those huge milestones that occur every now and then in life where Life As You Know It will Never Be The Same Again.

And because of that I feel kind of sad and melancholy and odd and a bit nervous, for the years that have passed so quickly, and for the unknown situation in which it throws us.

The reason?
It is my husbands last day at work today after almost 25 years at the same place. He is taking early retirement, so as from tomorrow I will not be alone.


Things are going to get interesting around here.
He will find out what I do (or don't do) all day ;o
The greenhouse will not be MINE
The garden will not be MINE
The kitchen etc
Oh, you get the idea!


Anyway, it will be lovely for him to have the pressure taken off him as he has been travelling on the M25 twice daily for all those years, never getting home before 8pm at night due to pressure of work and evening committees, and he has carried the burden of a local authority's Finances for many of those years, so it will be lovely for him to relax and take things a bit easier.

Not that he's planning on doing nothing - as we have a teenager to get through college in a couple of years time, he will be doing contract work on temporary contracts for a few years, and maybe set up his own company doing small local business accounts, which we would do together as I am also a qualified accountant (although havent worked as one for 10 years now).

It also co-incides with me losing my little job as a fill-in Library Assistant, working when people were off sick or when they were short staffed, which I have enjoyed doing for the past 7 or 8 years - the libraries in our area are becoming self-service so many library assistants have been made redundant, including me.

So there are lots of options and opportunities ahead even though we are both now in our 50s (I had the Big One last year!) (waaaahhhh where did the time GO????)

Anyway, I'm sure that there will be many windows of opportunity for him

and new doors will open

Sorry, can't be serious even now!

But its kind of scary.

Sorry this has turned into a rather wordy and personal post!

So there we are
Life goes on differently from now on

And Logan gets a badly needed haircut next week!

Don't foget the giveaway!

Hope everybody enjoys the Royal Wedding celebrations tomorrow - what are you doing ?


  1. Great pics, I'm sure you and Mr G will have a great time together doing new things and going out for day trips :)

    fingers crossed for the draw!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Oh my goodness, it's going to be strange for you having him around, especially as he worked such long hours, it just takes time to adjust, you'll be having afternoon tea on the lawn in no time, vintage teacups of course! xx

  3. Lovely pictures Gill! I think all women who work at home wonder how it will be when their husband is there all day too! Change is really daunting even if it's for the better. I'm sure you'll both find lots of new opportunities and exciting things, and you'll soon both adapt. Good luck and enjoy the new regime!
    Helen x

  4. Hope all goes well for you - I am glad to discover your blog - I live in Kent, too!

    Pomona x

  5. You know Gill sometimes thinking about the changes that will take place are often worse than the actual event. You will probably find that you both will find a new groove and life will continue on and a few months down the line you will wonder what on earth you were worrying about in the first place. Your husband's life will become so full he'll wonder how he ever fitted a full time job in!
    So I wish him a very happy retirement.
    As for that cushion I have everything crossed and I'm so looking forward to tomorrow and getting a look at 'that dress'!!
    Vivienne x

  6. Big changes ahead - but exciting ones too. It's nice having a hubby around all day - mine is wonderful fun and great company - makes me laugh constantly. I bet you adapt to it all very quickly. :)

  7. That is a big change.I hope Mr G has a glorious send off today and that you both enjoy all these new changes whatever shape they may take!
    We may be going into town to join a big street party, if I can convince the rest of the family that is!
    Lisa x

  8. Hi Gill, what a nice post! Being of a certain age and making those types of changes can be very scary. As our economy is in the tank finding a good and decent job has become difficult for me. You see, I was laid off almost 2 years ago. I changed careers to become a teacher, my dream job. In education it's last in, first out! Oh well, I'm hopeful for September.

    Looks like you'll have lots of company for a while now! Just think how lucky Logan will be going for walks with his dad! Very cute photo of him and the cat! Can't wait to see him all trimmed up, Duke's going next Tuesday for a badly needed hair cut!

    Have a great day and get working on that "honey do" list! LOL!!!

  9. Hi Gill, I'm sure it will all work out. Give the Mr lots of jobs to do to keep him occupied.
    I hope you have a great long weekend.

  10. Change brings opportunities even though it can sometimes be scary. Keep Mr G busy!!!! By the way, you look fabulous for 50!!! (I turned 50 in February) xx

  11. Everything will be thrown up in the air for a while but will eventually settle and you can start to make the most of those 'opportunities'

  12. Dear Gill,

    Your husband must still be very young to have early retirement. It will be strange indeed to be at home together, but I am glad you can see all the possibilities it has to offer for the two of you. I like your positive approach to it. I think that's the only way to deal with situations like this ;-)! can have breakfast in bed every morning!!! I still have to stand up a 5.45 :-(

    Veel lieve groetjes,

    Madelief x

  13. Oh wow! big changes on the way! I'm sure you will soon settle into a new way, including lots of picnics together in the sun maybe? :) Make sure you still find time for creating and blogging though - I love visiting your blog!
    Jane x
    PS Love the peony picture!

  14. Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging comments!I'm sure we'll adjust quite quickly,and it will be rather nice having Mr G to talk to all day instead of the furry babies, who listen to me but don't answer back!

    A few good ideas there for sure, re:jobs around the house - oh yes, there are plenty of those, I have a little (snort!) list, poor Mr G is sadly in arrears when it come to those as he's always too tired come the w/e!
    Breakfast in bed will still be yet a dream too - dog, cat and daughter, in that order, will still have us up and about at 7am, not quite as early as you Madelief,certainly on school days.
    But it will be fun I'm sure, and it may turn out to only be for a week or two if he gets one of a few jobs that are in the pipeline, so he must make the most of it and just relax and potter, maybe a few days out, and a knock off a few jobs too!
    Gill xx

  15. Thanks for the lovely comments on my posts - they were so nice to read!

    Good luck with the changes - these big life changes always bring some nervousness, but I'm sure that everything will fall into place!

    I'm now following both your blogs, and it's so great to have you following mine! :o)

  16. Oooo, your peonies look ready to 'pop' :o)
    Mine aren't quite there yet.

    Good luck to you and Mr G with all the new changes happening around you....
    You will have a wonderful time :o)

    Maybe he could start up wittling, and do you a couple of crochet hooks ? ;o)

    Have a great weekend Gill, and I have my fingers crossed, as I just entered your most lovely giveaway :o)

  17. Wow Gill, that's going to be a change. I must admit though, I'm quite looking forward to the day The Col retires. I can't wait to have him around on a daily basis. Not sure he's quite as enthusiastic about having me around all day though, I think he's worried about those lists making an appearance.

    I'm sure you'll both find your way and settle into what will become normal life. Happy Retirement Mr G!

    I hit the big 50 in June, it really does feel scary. I agree with Andrea, you look fabulous at 50.

    Enjoy the wedding tomorrow.


  18. Bless you new door's are opening and a new chapter in your life's. look at in a positive way you get to see him more and know that he is safe without all that driving to do....the next chapter will be an even more exciting journey for you both think of the new magic moments ;-) And if it gets to much just shut him in the green house ;-))good luck, dee x

  19. One of those milestones on your journey through life. I hope Mr.G had a good send off, suitable for 25 years of service. So now your lives take a new direction together and of course you will feel uncertain of what the future may hold, but how exciting too.
    Hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.
    Becky x

  20. Oh gosh Gill, a time of re-adjustment for everyone. I am sure it won't take long for you both to settle in to this new life together. I always joke that when my hubby retires, I'm going to take a job! Only kidding! He has stopped work at the right time anyway, with all this lovely weather, you will be able to get twice the gardening done! Enjoy the big wedding tomorrow, love Linda x

  21. Good luck with all the changes that are going on in your life right now.x

  22. Wow, that is scary. I hope you'll both adjust well, and maybe you'll be able to take lots of trips together now. Plus, he'll be around to help you move the armoire when you want to change the furniture around, right? Good luck. :)

  23. Hi Gill,

    I'm Gabriella ... one of the new followers ^__^
    I love your vintage style ... your creations ... your lovely blog.
    I'm pregnant .... and it's my 4th pregnancy ... I have three babies (4 year Pietro,2 year Angela,1 year Christian ) and now she will arrive Alma ^__^ for August

    And I found out your cupcakes album ... I love it!!!!!
    Can I ask you the reciep please?
    I'd like to try ....


  24. Sorry been a while since last mention.
    Wow a few changes all at once.
    I'm sure you feel surreal at this time, but I bet you won't remember before!
    well let's hope you still find time in your green house and garden,
    My husband has been of for a few days over Easter and It is much harder for me to blog and catch up with things.
    I think I entered the competition, I hope so, I love all your creations.
    especially anything with a Union Jack on it.
    Take care for now and make sure you both go out for lots of tea and coffee breaks!

  25. My job and Mr C's are teetering at the moment but he's desperate for redundancy and they keep passing him over. It's not too comfy here either, so I really do empathise with you. xxx

  26. Aw, I love this post! I remember my mom was pretty nervous about my Dad taking early retirement! They haven't killed each other yet, so I would say it's going pretty good, lol!
    I love your garden, so beautiful! I bet you spend a lot of time out there, oh I know I would!
    I love your pillow, fingers crossed!!!! I would be so thrilled!!!!
    Happy Sunday friend!
    gi gi

  27. Exciting times lay ahead. Change can only be good, I'm sure we get in a rut sometimes and 25 years in one job is a long time. My hubby has been in his job for 27 years now, it was his first and only job after leaving school. I don't think there's many these days who can say that with all the redundancies which are forced up on us. I can't wait for the day when he takes retirement and we can spend the days together. All the best to you both for the future.


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